Dec 19, 2023

14 Tips On How To Be The Hottest Girl In The Room

Is it shallow to want heads to turn when you walk into a room, simply because of your breathtaking beauty? Yes. But would we be lying if we said at least a small part in each of us doesn’t secretly want that? Also yes.

Let’s indulge together and explore 14 ways to be the hottest girl in the room.

Body language matters. Give off an air of confidence by drawing your shoulders back and lifting your head up high. Put on your invisible crown and walk into every room like you belong there.

The athleisure look that dominated the 2010s style scene died with the Covid lockdowns (thank goodness). Now that we’ve been able to live our lives in relative freedom for the past few years, it seems like people have upped their style game in celebration. Follow suit, and save the sweatpants for at home. Not only will you look more put together, it’s actually a lot of fun to play around and get creative with different looks and styles.

Now that we’re ditching the sweats (in public, at least), figure out what you should wear. Let’s be honest: Not every style or color is going to flatter you, but some will make you look like an absolute goddess. Learn which shades suit your coloring and which cuts flatter your frame. There are tons of quizzes and tutorials online to help you learn.

Jealousy isn’t a good look on anyone, so throw it out the window. Just like how we each have our own gifts, we all have areas to work on. So instead of being intimidated by other women who have different talents than you, become inspired and learn from them. When you feel intimidation creeping in, ask that girl how she became so successful, even if it’s just inquiring how she mastered that perfect liquid liner look. Chances are she’ll be flattered that you asked, and you might even form a new friendship.

Accessorizing is key to any look, and a smile truly is the best accessory. It’s magnetic, inviting, and looks good on everyone. Let your beauty shine from the inside out.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: “You smell good” is a top-tier compliment. There’s nothing sexier than smelling beautiful, and the way your scent lingers even after you make your exit is *chef’s kiss.* Bonus points if you nail down a signature scent.

It seems like beauty standards are changing faster than ever, so let’s get off that train of comparing ourselves to other women or being down on ourselves because we don’t have the current look. Instead, learn to embrace what makes you beautiful. Look in the mirror and take note of your best features. Then, learn how to highlight them.

There’s something magnetic about a woman who is poised and relaxed. If you feel anxious in social settings, practice letting go of stress by learning some breathing techniques. Pause, take a deep inhale, and exhale slowly to let go of any tension you’re holding onto (physically and emotionally). You can practically feel your stress melt away. And bonus: Your more relaxed facial muscles mean fewer wrinkles in the long run.

A woman who’s comfortable being alone exudes confidence. It may take some practice, but learning to love your own company can make you more interesting and likable. Treat yourself to dinner and a movie, or explore a new downtown shopping area by yourself.

Is there anything more feminine than flirty, fluttering eyelashes? I think we can all agree the super heavy faux lash look is over, but still make it a point to highlight your eyes by playing up your lashes. Pro tip: Use mascara to make your outer lashes appear longer than your inner lashes for a simple foxy eye look.

Lift people up with a kind word. Don’t be phony, but if you see beauty or inspiration in someone, speak up. People love getting compliments, and it’s the perfect way to form a connection with someone.

It’s more hydrating than powder and gives your skin a healthy looking glow. Not to mention, cream makeup is easier to blend than liquid, making it perfect for makeup novices (like myself). My go-to is The Minimalist Stick by Merit Beauty – the application is foolproof, and it feels like silk.

Be the kind of woman who makes others feel seen and heard. Actively listen to people and respond thoughtfully. In a world that seems increasingly self-centered, being a good listener is a skill that few possess; learning to master it will not only make you stand out on a surface level but will also help you form meaningful relationships.

Enjoy the moment. Put your phone away when you’re out with people. I can’t think of anything more off-putting than being with someone who can’t suppress the urge to check her phone at every break in a conversation. There’s a whole world outside our little screens, and truly experiencing it will make you more radiant.

Leveling up your first impression doesn’t have to be a superficial pursuit. Use these tips, and don’t be afraid to let your beauty shine!

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