Mar 23, 2024

15 best eyelash curlers of 2023, per celebrity makeup artists

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Eyelash curlers can take your mascara game from 0 to 100 with just one pinch — and we’re here to unpack why.

An eyelash curler is a tool used to naturally bend your lashes upward. When used correctly, it gives the illusion of longer, fuller lashes, especially when paired with mascara. Simply open the clamps, fit your lashes inside, squeeze and release for a long-lasting, effortless curl.

Celebrity makeup artist Maria Cumella uses eyelash curlers for an instant eye-opening effect. “Doing eye makeup without curling your lashes first is like forgetting to prime your walls before you paint them,” Cumella told the New York Post. “By using an eyelash curler, you’re giving your mascara the chance to maximize its ability to look voluminous.”

Not to mention, curlers are quick and easy to use. Within seconds, you’ll see results that boost the overall radiance of your makeup look. “When eyes are as bright and open as possible, it lends itself to a youthful and vibrant appearance,” said Alexandra Rutkay, makeup artist for the recent “Gossip Girl” spinoff. “Mascara can add volume and color, but it typically doesn’t lift or curl lashes. Curling is a great first step to get that doe-eyed look.”

We asked celebrity makeup artists their favorite eyelash curlers to keep in their kits and what sets the tools apart from the rest.

Perfect for beginners, this tool helps you curl lashes with extreme precision. The narrow front plate hugs the lash line to reach even the shortest of lashes in outer and inner corners. It’s a tiered curler with lash pads that come together at three points to ensure every lash is lengthened.

“I like using it to fuse a false lash with a real one for mega volume,” Cumella said of the product, which has over 13,200 five-star reviews on Amazon. “I throw this in my kit for clients who are afraid to put a huge tool to their eye.”

You’ve never seen an eyelash curler like this. The brand’s innovative S-shaped design sans side bars suits any eye shape. It features angled padding to give your lashes a gentle boost. The tool is also smaller and more compact so you can take it on the go.

“If you have a larger eye, and lash curlers don’t always fit every lash in it, this mini one will do the job,” said Rutkay. “It makes sure every lash is lifted and curled for maximum effect.”

What’s worse than a pinchy, painful lash curler? This award-winning design is edge-free and features silicone rubber pads to keep your skin safe. A broad curve captures and crimps every lash.

“The curler allows you to grab super close to the lash line without pinching the skin,” said Cumella. “It holds the curl all day, giving the eye a more open look. Definitely worth the hype.”

The brand known for its tweezers has an option for eyelashes as well. It features a 60° angle ideal for round-shaped eyes, as well as a narrow top bar and wide opening to reach every eyelash. Most of their tools are made with metal, therefore very secure, and do not break or bend easily.

“Its handle and grip are perfect for almond or deep-set eye shapes,” said Rutkay. “The tool also has a nice spring to the squeeze, so it feels nice when using it.”

A little drama never hurt anybody—as long as it’s reserved for your lashes. MAC’s design gives you voluminous, long-lasting length. “Even if you have stubborn, straight lashes, this helps give you that doll-like curl,” said Cumella.

Take your lash look to the next level with a heated curler. It lengthens your lashes using gentle heat—sans crimping. No need to worry about burning: a grooved safety slot protects skin and prevents heat from striking the eyelid. Simply place the curler near the base of the lash and pull upward.

This eyelash curler is suitable for any eye shape. Its double-handled grip gives you full control over curling from your lash line. Silicone pads protect and cushion your lashes while curling upwards. Cumella said that the lengthening effect is so dramatic, she even likes using the product without mascara.

This curler is slightly less rounded and more flat, which allows you to grip comfortably. The silicone has a unique “mushroom” shape to protect your lashes as you crimp. “This product is pretty much the gold standard, especially if you have an Asian eye shape,” said Rutkay.

This heated eyelash curler uses advanced technology to give your lashes extra emphasis. It has two temperature settings: 65 ℃/149°F (green light) for fine lashes and 85 ℃/185°F (blue light) for thick lashes. The silicone pad ensures that heat is evenly distributed without burning or damaging your lashes.

“It’s rechargeable, so it’s great for the traveler who loves to try something new,” said makeup artist Jenn Michelle.

This accent curler is made to target hard-to-reach areas such as lower lashes and shorter lashes in corners. The metal curler is coated with an anti-metal allergy layer to prevent irritations.

“It’s half the size of a normal curler, making it super easy to navigate and curl your lashes in sections without missing any,” said Priscilla DiStasio, celebrity makeup artist for Paris Hilton, Jenny McCarthy and more.

No lashes, no problem. This Japanese-made, hand-calibrated curler can bend even the smallest of lashes without breakage or pinching. Soft silicone pads allow for an easy squeeze.

“Like most lash curlers, the silicone base on this one allows the process to be quick, comfortable and pain-free,” explained Distasio. “It also allows the lash curler to be placed as close to the lash line as possible, helping you elongate your lashes with each squeeze.”

This slim, stainless steel design is perfect for both pros and novices. It features a red silicone pad for safe and precise placement. “Kevyn Aucoin curlers are always in my kit,” said Rutkay. “I like them because they work for almost all eye shapes.”

This eyelash curler is lightweight, gentle and easy to use. Not to mention, it’s a highly affordable option. “I love this lash curler. It can be found at pretty much any convenient store for a great, low price,” said Distasio.

Take care of your lashes on the go. This product comes with a satin bag and silicone refill pads to bring with you. “Overall, this is an excellent eyelash curler,” said Michelle. “It dramatically curls eyelashes for a lash lift in seconds. There’s no pinching, and it’s easy to use.”

If you value vegan makeup products, opt for this tool. Its contoured curve and strong spring allow for easy, durable application. “This curler is trending. It creates eye-opening, lifted lashes,” said Michelle. The product also comes with an additional rubber replacement pad.

An eyelash curler is a handheld makeup tool that allows you to gently crimp lashes for a lengthier, fuller, more voluminous effect.

“Its purpose is to lift, curl and naturally give your lashes volume,” said DiStasio. Some like to use an eyelash curler prior to applying false lashes so their natural lashes are prepped for any additions. Others like to use it after applying falsies to secure and help them fit comfortably on the eyes.

“Some of my clients may not be able to use fake lashes due to allergies or personal reasons,” said Michelle. “Curlers are a great way to accentuate your natural beauty.”

Eyelash curlers can achieve a similar effect as layering on mascara, but in a more natural way. They can make your eyes appear wider and more open without painting on any product that temporarily darkens lashes.

The short answer is yes but if used correctly there’s no harm. Squeeze gently to avoid any pinching or pain that may damage lashes. You should still be able to reach your desired look with minimal pressure. Also, remember to clean your curler after each use to prevent infection that could be spread from bacteria from your eye.

Cumella said to avoid curling lashes on top of mascara—they break easier that way. Crimping post-false lashes is fine, as they act as a barrier between the tool and your natural lashes.

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