Dec 12, 2023

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The classic products and tips are worth remembering.

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There is wisdom that comes with experience, and that applies to many aspects of life, including beauty. Our mother figures and friends can serve as the best sources of inspiration for beauty tips and tricks, thanks to many years of trial and error. There are many tried-and-true products and lessons to be passed down, even if it’s a mistake not to make. Like a 1980s-style perm! Unlike the Makeup Tips Your Mother Taught You That Are Actually Wrong, these are the ones that still work like a charm.

Here are 9 old-school Southern beauty tips that haven’t gone out of style.

Before you “put on your face,” which means apply makeup in Southern grandmother terms, wake up your face by placing it in a bowl of ice water. Hold it for five seconds, and repeat three times. Not only does it de-puff and tighten pores, but it also gets you energized for the day.

When we’re thinking of classic beauty products, Pond's Cream is always at the top of the list. Southern mothers have sworn by this multipurpose moisturizer for decades, and it’s because of the dependable hydration and versatility. It’s also useful for acting as a makeup remover before cleansing. Two purposes in one jar!

Apparently, it’s nothing new that applying eyeliner smoothly is one of the harder makeup feats. You can sneakily make your pencil eyeliner—which seems to get more dried out over time—much more pliable for sweeping seamlessly over your lash line by heating it up with a blow dryer or lighter, or perhaps leaving it outside on a hot summer day, hm? Unsteady hands will thank us later.

Perhaps one of our favorite tricks in the book, you can finally make your perfume last all day long, thanks to the ever-versatile Vaseline, which you probably already have in your bathroom cabinet. Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline to your pulse points—the warmer areas of your body that can help diffuse fragrance such as your wrists, inner elbows, and neck—before spritzing on your signature scent.

For more than 35 years, Bio-Oil has inspired a loyalty that rivals the Windex bottle in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. There’s no scar, dry patch, stretch mark, or scratch that Bio-Oil can’t help fix. The healing oil is so good that the brand waited three decades to even introduce a new product. It’s worth keeping in the medicine cabinet—or on the bedside table.

You might look straight out of the 1950s, but it will be worth it when you wake up with frizz-free hair. Turns out, sleeping can be rough on hair. Your pillowcase material can cause frizz and breakage, as well as tossing and turning. Sleeping in a silk scarf (or on a silk pillowcase) can be beneficial for all, but it’s especially good for curly and textured hair.

Speaking of vintage eras, we’ve learned our lesson on letting these go out of style. Now, they’re back, and for good reason. You just really cannot achieve the same bouncy volume using anything else, and using velcro rollers can also reduce the amount of heat styling used. Plus, you can set them and forget them until it’s time to leave the house. In fact, many Southerners have vivid memories of being dropped off at school while their mothers were still wearing them…

With all the fancy eyelash serums out there, sometimes it’s best to go back to the basics. Try out castor oil at night on your lashes to boost length and thickness with continual use. Wait four to six weeks to see a noticeable difference, instead of caving in to buy the expensive stuff. It works on brows, as well.

We didn’t say that all of these tips were totally safe, did we? One trick for longer-lasting curl on your eyelashes is to heat up your eyelash curler using a blow dryer. Blow the heat onto the curler for around five seconds, but always check the temperature with your finger before putting it on your lashes.

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