Aug 14, 2023

Anime 'manga eyelash' trend has over 200 million views

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Major Anime vibes 🤩

Whether you like it (read: social media and its influence) or not, TikTok is a virtual breeding ground for some of the most popular beauty trends, innovative hacks and fail-safe top tips. From tomato girl makeup to concealer crease preventions, 2023 has seen us hone in on our routines for better or for worse.

And the latest to pave its way into our top-ranked is 'Manga Lashes'.

As one would assume from its name, this trend is defined by the looks we see in comics and/or graphic novels originating from Japan. Think: big eyes and even bigger, fluffier lashes.

The TikTok hashtag (#mangalashes) currently has over 248 million video views and UK Google searches for 'manga lashes' are up by 250 per cent, according to a report by ARDELL lashes.

See some of the trending videos for manga lashes below:

But if they weren't enough to get you on board with the trend, let us break it down for you, cluster by cluster...

Here to share their expertise is lash maestro and ARDELL Brand Director, Jennifer Johnson. "Instead of adding a strip lash to your eye, anime eyes require you to carefully space out clusters or individual lashes that alternate in long and short styles," Jennifer shares. Longer hairs stick out from the shorter pieces creating that separated lash look.

This will then produce what she calls a "spiky spider finish." That is, in the very best non-arachnid sense of the word, ofc.

Jennifer recommends starting with a coat of your favourite mascara and then, once dry, take the ARDELL Faux Mink Individuals Combo Pack and place the longer pieces at the top lash line, with smaller pieces on the lower.

However, instead of clustering them together as one usually would, keep a noticeable gap between the lashes. "The key is the separation and to keep the lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible," Jennifer says.

To define your lashes even further, Jennifer says to "apply a little clear DUO Glue to the end of each longer lash and pinch it together with a tweezer to bring it to a spike." As a result, you should be left with wispy lashes that have smaller sections of long, pointy hairs.

Et voilá! Get us on Cartoon Network, ASAP.

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