Jan 09, 2024

Caramel blush, futuristic look or clumpy eyelashes? K

K-Beauty is always on the move, evolving and updating with fresh makeup ideas.

When it comes to beauty trends, Koreans always are ten steps ahead.

In the past few years, apart from bringing us K-Pop and K-dramas, Koreans have also revolutionised the beauty scene with the 10-step skincare routine, snail mucin, ginseng the jello skin routine, and even put forward their ideas on how to get that smooth, unblemished Korean glass skin. K-Beauty is always on the move, evolving and updating with fresh makeup ideas and quirky looks. As we’re halfway through 2023, here are the trends that have picked up steam.

In 2022, caramel lip shades were in. And now, the hues have made it to the cheekbones.

We can thank NewJeans for this one. The girl K-Pop band embraced the youthful glow with their simple makeup looks, that it inspired several TikTok trends. “This trend aims to achieve a radiant and sun-kissed appearance, as if the person has been touched by a gentle summer glow,” explains Alefiyah Johar, a professional make-up artist and managing director of FC beauty and Missha Middle East, a beauty brand. The technique involves subtle application and blending, creating a soft flush of colour on the cheeks that enhances the natural features without overpowering them, she says. You can achieve this with a matte bronze, or a light brown blush with warm undertones, that isn’t too red and orange.

The nude shade accentuates your look with a glow, and emphasises on the ‘natural look’. “It focuses on warm, earthy tones that can complement various skin types,” says Johar. “This approach to makeup encapsulates the essence of Korean beauty - embracing individuality and celebrating natural elegance.”

Think daring and imaginative.

If you want to go ‘all out’, well then, experiment with the futuristic look, like Lisa from Blackpink. This appearance was also seen in the popular American show Euphoria. “This trend encourages creativity and self-expression, as makeup enthusiasts experiment with vibrant colours, holographic finishes, and out-of-this-world designs,” explains Johar. You can try some neon eyeliner, sparkly eyeshadow, unique jewellery and bright colours for your lips to look like you’re from 2050.

There are no rules with this trend; instead, it allows you to break free from traditional makeup boundaries. It’s the world of endless possibilities.

Don’t get sidetracked by the name; it’s much better than it sounds. Earlier, clumpy eyelashes signified a poor mascara or someone who got rather excited with the application. Well, it’s 2023, and it’s now a trend.

This trend is all about celebrating the beauty of imperfection, explains Johar. Instead of trying for those perfectly defined lashes, you could clump them together for a voluminous and bold effect. For starters, check that your mascara is in good condition and isn’t dry and flaky.

“This avant-garde style creates a striking and edgy appearance, effortlessly drawing attention to the eyes,” says Johar. Go for darker, thicker formulas and coat your lashes in layers. To achieve this look, the stick needs to be wielded in a horizontal manner, sweeping the lashes up and coating them from the roots to the tips. Use the tip of the stick to brush the mascara on the lashes and group them together. This helps to get that ‘wide-eyed’ look.

The feathered eyebrow look is all about striking the perfect balance between defined and soft, says Johar. In contrast to the sharp and heavily drawn brows of the past, this trend attempts to achieve natural and wispy brows that mimic the appearance of delicate feathers. As a result, you find yourself with eyebrows that elegantly frame the face, giving you that natural look of sophistication.

With a brow pencil and spoolie, an eyebrow shaping tool, brush and fluff the eyebrow hair up while creating brush-like strokes with the pencil. Using both the pencil and the spoolie, continue to make feathered strokes upwards so that your eyebrows get that wispy look. For the finishing touch, add brow gel so that the look stays in place.