Aug 11, 2023

Falscara Review: Is Faslcara An Easy Cheat For Fuller, Longer Lashes?

By Tracy Achonwa

In the misery and madness of 2020, Kiss was cooking up a lash lover’s dream: Falscara. Given these lash extensions were released in an era when professional infills were off limits, it’s not surprising that they became beauty blogger catnip. While we’re no longer living in a time of stay-at-home mandates and shuttered salons, Falscara hasn’t lost steam: take a quick scan on social media and you’ll find it enhancing eyes all over your feed. The draw? It is affordable, effective and is ostensibly amateur-friendly. All reasons that meant I didn’t have to be asked twice to put this product to the test.

Much like Lashify before it, Falscara is a DIY lash extension system that bonds to eyelashes using a brush-on adhesive. This adhesive is applied with a mascara wand (quite literally a stroke of genius for those who find traditional false eyelashes tricky) and eyelash clusters that you place underneath your own eyelashes, giving a natural false eyelash effect. Clamped in place and brushed over with the sealant, the extensions can last up to 10 days.

Falscara Starter Kit


Look Fantastic

As the genetic lottery would have it, I have naturally curly, short lashes, hooded eyelids and terrible hay fever. Regular strip lashes are a pain to put on and need careful cutting and curling to look remotely flattering. And that’s before my streaming eyes enter the chat. Falscara’s pre-trimmed clusters give me hope they’ll go on as effortlessly as the claims suggest. I opt for a tray of the Natural Wisps, which have an invisible band and a gentle curl that mirrors my own lashes, as well as the voluminous Extra Drama Wisps.

Kiss Falscara Natural Wisps


Falscara Extra Drama Wisps



Falscara Bond & Seal


The instructions are simple enough: brush on the bond, place the wisps underneath your lashes and brush on the seal to lock everything into place. Before all of that, I swipe on a touch of an eyelash growth serum I’ve been loving to help separate my lashes – and I’m certain it’s this step that helps the sticky bond glide on like a breeze. See below:

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By Eva Wiseman

By Emma Spedding

By Ellie Pithers

I’m working against the clock as I’ve chaotically chosen to apply these before my morning commute, but happily, they go on (and stay on) pretty much immediately. My strip lashes could never. I discover the key is to apply the wisps just above the lash line for a seamless finish; this also prevents any discomfort from the extension being so close to the eye. In fact, they’re so thin and lightweight that there’s no irritation at all and the cat eye effect is glamorous without being too much for a day in the office. It takes me from sparse eyelashes to a fluttery, full finish in the blink of an eye. I’m a little bit obsessed.

Before and after using one S Extra Drama Falscara Wisp and one M Natural Wisp.

By Kiana Murden, Akili King and Tracy Achonwa

Without the Overnighter (a stronger sealant that eliminates sticky residue and extends wear), Falscara lashes are designed to be removed at the end of the day, cleaned and reused. With it, they’ll last up to 10 days.

Admittedly, I didn’t know this before testing them out. Fixed with only the bond and seal, they lasted me the entirety of a five-day stretch, during which I kept the eye contour clean with the help of my trusty Face Halo. They probably could have stayed on longer, but by day five they had begun to clump and lost the fluffy look I loved – plus I wanted to have a proper cleanse with water and no restraints.

My lashes on day one.

How my lashes then looked on day five.

Falscara Overnighter



Face Halo Microfibre Makeup Remover Pack Of 3


The remover is sold separately, but it’s worth every penny. Its oil-based formula gently dissolves the bond from your natural eyelashes and lifts residue from the wisps so they are ready to reapply. To remove, the instructions recommend pressing a remover-saturated pad over the eye for 10 seconds, after which the wisps easily slide off of your eyelashes. This method worked perfectly, but for the sake of the test, I tried removing one side with regular micellar water and a double cleanse. The results were, frankly, a tacky mess.

Falscara Remover



Once you’ve cleaned up all the residue and let them dry, Falscara wisps are good to go for a second and third wear. You’ll need to do this carefully to preserve the shape of the lash – some remover on a spoolie or cotton bud gets the job done.

What’s more, the extensions are incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched for a bespoke look each time. Perfect for everyday wear, the starter kit is the epitome of I-woke-up-like-this beauty that lengthens lashes without making you look overdone. The Natural Wisps are easily the best natural false eyelashes I’ve tried, with a classic curl that gives eyes an instant lift. And maximalists will love the Extra Drama Wisps, which grant you all the glamour of volume lash extensions set sans the commitment.

Wearing the Falscara Starter Kit.

My lashes using the Falscara Extra Drama Wisps.

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Falscara gets a resounding yes from me. It’s easy on the eyes in more ways than one, and can be tailored to bare-faced or bolder beauty tastes. It’s the kind of enhancement that accentuates what you have without masking your natural features. Quite crucially: it’s an affordable option, giving salon results for a fraction of the cost. I’m not sure I’ll ever reach for an ordinary mascara again.