Sep 04, 2023

Kiss Falsecara Is a $7 DIY Lash Extension

The DIY lashes have saved me hundreds of dollars too.

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Amazon/ Kiss

Once you try lash extensions, it’s nearly impossible to return to the mascara-slicking life. As a New Yorker with exorbitant rent — and, consequently, virtually no disposable income, I’ve nixed extensions from my budget (my partner and unofficial advisor, who happens to work in finance, suggested as much). In lieu of pro services, I’d been adhering individual lashes — painstakingly, and, TBH, poorly — with semi-permanent lash glue for over a year. The whole process, particularly given my naturally impatient demeanor, paved the way to damage.Thankfully, Kiss Falsecara crossed my path a few months ago and has proven an absolute godsend in more ways than one. It’s become my go-to for a lash extension look and feel sans damage, and at a price I can justify.


Shop now: $7 (Originally $9); amazon.comFlasecara is a DIY lash-enhancing kit that delivers a lash extension look in mere minutes. Each kit contains 40 or so faux-lash clusters. The clusters, which look like small, sliced segments of a strip lash, feature a flat edge at the bottom, which facilitates breezy alignment for a seamless, gap-free finish. Applied with lash tweezers, the clusters adhere to the underside of the lashline via a specially formulated bonding glue. Once in place, they’re finished with a clear, mascara-like sealant, which keeps lashes intact for a few days. Unlike individual lashes or strip lashes, Falsecara clusters are applied underneath the lash line, right against the waterline — a technique that, frankly, proved frustrating at first. After a year of gobbing glue over my natural lashes, adhering clusters on the underside of my lashline felt odd. After a few tries, a glass of wine, and three deep breaths, however, I eventually nailed the Falsecara technique.

InStyle / Sophie Wirt

Now, I’m rather deft, and can do my lashes in mere minutes. Plus, unlike my previous technique, Falsecara’s lends a seamless look and feel without the visible glue residue. In short: Falsecara gives me fluttery lashes that rival the look and feel of professional extensions. Removal is equally as straightforward, thanks to the brand’s $7 solution. Simply soak a cotton pad, hold it to your eye, and wait a few seconds for the adhesive to dissolve and your clusters to come tumbling. As far as wear time, professional lash extensions outlast Falsecara by about a month. That said, I hardly mind the multiple-day wear of Falsecara, particularly since reupping is a breeze. The DIY extensions are also versatile; the kits, available in an array of styles ranging from feathery to bold, have allowed me to experiment with various lash looks — some of which I’d have otherwise eschewed. I’m partial to the lengthening wisp style, which imparts a more-lifted look to my upper face. I’ve also mixed and matched different cluster styles with favorable results. In fact, after applying a set of mixed clusters before a recent dinner rendezvous, a friend complimented my lashes and proceeded to ask who I was seeing for my extensions these days. Shoppers are equally amazed by the DIY lash extensions. One reviewer, who opted for Falsecara as an inexpensive alternative to other brands, said the glue’s bond “is so sticky and ready instantly,” and that the lashes “even lasted through a very hot shower and sleeping.” Another shopper agreed that the lashes are so lightweight and comfortable to wear, “you won't even notice you're wearing them.” I couldn’t agree more. For this reason and so many more, Falsecara is the lash extension alternative I’ve thoroughly fallen for. Try these game-changing lashes for yourself and shop them at Amazon today.

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