Mar 06, 2024

Lashes By Danielle: Making Self

Danielle Powell is no stranger to wanting to enjoy the benefits of self-care. “I truly believe that self-care for all women is crucial to feeling good. A few years ago, I started to get my own lashes done, and truly fell in love with how empowered I felt after treating myself. I loved how easy it was to get ready in the morning, and how effortless I could look, that I started taking classes to become my own licensed lash technician, and haven’t looked back since,” says Danielle.

“I wanted to open my own business, a place where I could be my own boss, create a safe and healthy environment for my clients, while also remaining true to myself and setting competitive prices in our area. Right now my shop has several other rooms that I want to fill by adding an esthetician familiar with facials, as well as a licensed massage therapist so that we can create a one stop shop for self-care in our local area!” said Danielle.

Danielle recently opened her own shop here in the Texarkana area on Summerhill Road, and has been surrounded by strong support from her local community. She is a Licensed Lash Technician with several other certifications under her belt. “I am continually taking classes to ensure that with everything I do, I do to the best of my ability. I want all the women who come into my store to feel safe, beautiful and well taken care of. I hope in the future to become licensed in brows as well,” says Danielle.

Danielle is also keeping her prices at a competitive edge. “Getting your lashes done can come at a great expense, and while I don’t want to overcharge, I wanted to ensure that I would be able to cater to women who can’t afford those higher prices. Right now I do three different sets of lashes: 1) Classic- Initial cost $120; 2) Hybrid Lashes- Initial Cost $140; 3) Volume Lashes- Initial Cost $160. After the first initial set, prices change to reflect maintenance cost at $60. I truly wanted to create an environment where women didn’t feel as though they were being taken advantage of by charging an arm and a leg,” says Danielle.

Lashes by Danielle is located at 4622 Summerhill Road , Texarkana, TX, United States, Texas. To book an appointment you can visit her website HERE. You can find her Facebook Page HERE. Or if you would like to speak with Danielle you can call 903-417- 1011.