Jun 02, 2024

The 8 Best Magnetic Lashes of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

KISS Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner Kit earned our top spot for its affordability and dramatic results.

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InStyle / Tamara Staples

Sure, a good pair of false lashes can transform your entire face. But if you're not a pro with lash glue, things can go downhill pretty fast. You could pile on coats of mascara or you can simply switch to magnetic lashes to get that same lift and fluff — without the mess, of course.

Unlike traditional falsies, magnetic lashes do not require glue for application. Instead, you line your lid with a magnetic liner, which has a similar look and feel to liquid eyeliner and attracts the magnets that line the band of each lash. They'll always ensure a secure hold of your falsies, and sometimes, they'll provide a high-pigmented eyeliner look, too.

In order to find the best magnetic lashes, we rounded up eight testers in our lab to try out 16 top-rated, bestselling sets. After thorough testing — taking into account ease of application, feel, overall look, and removal — we found the best-performing magnetic lashes. Ultimately, the Kiss Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner Kit impressed us most due to its affordable price point and dramatic results.


They feel super lightweight on the eyes and are easy to remove and inexpensive.

These lashes look really natural, so if you want a dramatic look, try a different style.

Whether you’re new to magnetic lashes or a falsies veteran, this kit should be a staple in your vanity. Complete with magnetic eyeliner and one set of falsies, this straightforward set doesn’t overcomplicate the process: Simply swipe on the liner and rest the lashes on top for them to connect to the magnets, and you’re good to go.

Our tester applied three coats of the magnetic eyeliner (which the package advised) and couldn’t believe how easy it was to attach the falsies. Though she found the magnets to be strong, it was still easy to adjust the falsies as needed. She also notes that the lashes held their shape through all the adjustments, so they lay on her lash line beautifully — no crinkling in sight. And once they were in place, they felt nearly weightless and stayed secure for hours.

Removing falsies can oftentimes be harsh on the skin around the eyes. However, this magnetic pair comes off without any tugging. Our tester was very impressed with the smart packaging design that ensures the lashes stay in tiptop shape post-removal. “There are magnets in the carton, too, to help lashes retain their shape over time,” she notes. As for the eyeliner, it “was also super easy to remove with micellar water.”

While our tester gave these magnetic lashes a perfect score, she does mention that they look very natural, so if you’re after something more dramatic, you may want to go with a different set.

Price at time of publish: $17

Material: Faux mink, synthetic fibers | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set


Though dramatic, these lashes feel lightweight and comfortable through hours of wear.

You need to apply a thick layer of eyeliner to ensure the lashes stay in place.

Though these lashes are the priciest on our list, their ease of application and longevity (they last up to 30 wears) proves the beginner-friendly set is worth every penny. Similar to the KISS Magnetic Lash Kit, this comes with its own magnetic liner and a set of lashes, but they’re a little thicker and more curled so users can expect a more dramatic difference after application.

Though the style adds more drama than other picks on our list, the synthetic silk blends nicely into your natural lashes, and, according to our tester, feels “surprisingly lightweight.” Plus, the lash band comes pre-cut (three-fourths the size of the standard band), so there is no need for measuring or trimming — a small enhancement that makes the application process even more seamless. “Putting the eyelashes on is very easy,” says our tester. “They seamlessly attach to the magnetic eyeliner and feel very secure and comfortable.”

For optimal staying power, our tester notes that you’ll want to apply a thick layer of the magnetic eyeliner, so keep that in mind because you may want to plan for an overall dramatic look when wearing these.

Price at time of publish: $35

Material: Synthetic silk | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set


The lashes are so lightweight that our tester forgot she was wearing them.

Magnetic eyeliner is not included in this kit.

If you aren’t ready to drop a chunk of change on magnetic lashes, consider giving these a whirl. This set does not come with magnetic eyeliner, so it also makes a good refill option when your last pair gives out — and you’ll get a lot of wear out of them: This set in particular can be worn up to 15 times.

After applying magnetic eyeliner (we recommend the Kiss Magnetic Liner), let it dry on your eyelid before placing these lashes and watching them “click” into the liner. From the moment she placed the lashes, our tester was impressed with how secure they felt. “The magnets make placement more exact, precise, and quick — almost like magic,” she says. “In addition, the flexible spine holds these lashes in place and forms naturally around my eyelid.”

Beyond the smooth application, the lashes are extremely comfortable — so comfortable, in fact, that our tester forgot she was wearing them. “I can't even feel these when I blink!” she says. “Really, it's like not wearing anything.” Whether you’re on a budget or not, Kiss magnetic lashes truly are some of the best.

Price at time of publish: $9

Material: Faux mink | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (not included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set

Moxie Lash

These lashes are so comfortable you can wear them all day, plus, they’re reusable, so you can wear them multiple times.

You’ll have to purchase magnetic liner separately.

For fans of more natural-looking lashes, this set is one of the best. The wispy style adds the perfect oomph to natural lashes, enhancing volume and density without going overboard. Our tester mentions that they blend well into her natural lashes but still add a fair amount of length for a simple eye-opening effect.

Compared to most of the other options on this list, this strip has a whopping 10 magnets across the base (the others have around five or six), making it easier to customize to your eye’s unique, individual shape. And, despite having more magnets, the lashes don’t feel heavy on the eyes, but rather “comfortable and fluttery,” according to our tester.

As a bonus, these falsies also come in black and brown so you can customize your look even more. We do wish the pack came with a magnetic liner, but otherwise, this pick is a fan-favorite for everyday wear.

Price at time of publish: $20

Material: Silk | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (not included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set

InStyle / Tamara Staples


These are incredibly easy to apply and are perfect for special occasions.

It’s recommended to use the brand’s magnetic eyeliner with these lashes — but it’s sold separately and more expensive than other magnetic liners.

Glamnetic’s entire collection of falsies is more on the dramatic side, so the brand’s sets are perfect for a night on the town. We especially love Lucky — a cat-eye style that has a tapered design to elongate lashes and add volume at the base.

While our tester loved the overall look (“I like the soft wispiness of the lashes even though they bring a lot of drama,” she says), she did feel that the magnetic eyeliner was hard to get the hang of. “It was thicker than regular eyeliner, and I needed a few tries because it kept getting on my eyelashes,” she notes.

Glamnetic recommends using its magnetic eyeliner as opposed to other brands because it’s a bit thicker to keep the fuller lashes in place, so there is a bit of a learning curve with it. Also, the eyeliner is almost double the price of other standard magnetic eyeliners, but they do offer multi-colored options so you can create a look that really stands out.

Price at time of publish: $30

Material: Synthetic Fiber | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (not included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set

InStyle / Tamara Staples


These half-lashes feel totally weightless.

They’re super natural looking, so if you want a more dramatic look, you’ll want to go with something else.

Think of half-lashes as the gateway to more dramatic sets: Meant to live on the outer edge of your eyelid, these falsies add extra length and thickness to the outer half of your lashes for a natural flutter.

Complete with a magnetic gel liner as well as a pair of false lashes, this set has everything you need to get a selfie-worthy look. The magnetic liner has a precision tip to allow for more accurate placement — which is especially important since these lashes are half the size of a standard set.

After applying, our tester was impressed with how weightless the lashes felt and how natural they looked. “They look pretty real due to the fact that they're much shorter than other fake lashes,” she says. These falsies are also extremely sturdy, too: “The magnet attachments feel secure, but I can easily remove the lashes as desired,” she adds.

Price at time of publish: $9

Material: Human hair | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set

InStyle / Tamara Staples


These lashes hold their shape even after multiple applications.

Because many styles are very dramatic, it is harder to blend them into your natural lashes.

With over 20 magnetic lash styles to choose from, MoxieLash easily earned its title of best lash variety. From natural to glam, MoxieLash offers a comprehensive range of silhouettes and colors (including bright pink and green) that complement every eye shape and skill level.

In particular, our tester loved how these lashes felt comfortable as soon as they were placed on her eyes, and they never felt heavy throughout their tenure. “The lashes are simple and easy to apply,” she says. “They hold their shape very well and don’t droop down at all either.”

Because most of the styles lean dramatic, they are noticeable while wearing, but they never venture into uncomfortable territory. “I would be comfortable wearing these for an extended period of time as they feel very secure on my eyes and don’t feel itchy at all.”

Price at time of publish: $25

Material: Silk | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (not included) | Amount per Pack: 1 set

InStyle / Tamara Staples


This kit comes with everything (from a lash applicator to liner and multiple pairs of lashes), so you don’t have to purchase anything separately.

There’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the application.

What is better than one set of magnetic lashes, you ask? Five sets of magnetic lashes. Not only does this kit come with five pairs of lashes (that are all different styles — from natural and wispy to thick and glamorous), but it also includes a lash applicator, magnetic eyeliner, and a stylish, mirrored compact to aid in application and storage.

While the applicator aids in precisely placing each lash, our tester mentions that there’s a bit of a learning curve to using it — it took her a few tries to adhere the lashes to the liner, but once they were in place she could barely feel the “comfortable and fluttery” falsies.

Price at time of publish: $25

Material: Synthetic fiber | Application Method: Magnetic eyeliner (included) | Amount per Pack: 5 sets

InStyle / Tamara Staples

Ace Beauté Magnetic Lashes

Applying these lashes comes with a small learning curve: The liner is smaller than most and hard to hold when applying. However, once the liner is conquered, applying the falsies is simple. In fact, our tester dubbed it “a breeze.” Made from high-quality, synthetic fibers, these magnetic lashes look just like a fresh set of lash extensions. With 12 magnets included on the strip, you also don’t have to worry about the band slipping and sliding out of place.

Doe Lashes Magnetic Eyelashes

Made from Korean silk, these falsies are the next best thing to your natural lashes. In fact, our tester even dubbed these some of the softest and most comfortable lashes she had ever worn. That said, she didn’t think they complemented her eye shape well and suggests only purchasing these if you have larger, nonhooded eyes because they look very heavy on smaller eyes.

To start, we spent about a week researching the top-rated magnetic lashes on the market. After homing in on online ratings, we spent 24 hours putting the 16 most popular magnetic lashes to the test. We had eight testers try the products so that they could analyze the performance of each and write down their insights during the process. In doing so, our testers rated every set on a scale of 1 to 5 in four key categories: ease of application, feel, overall look, and ease of removal. Once the data was collected, we were able to narrow down the original pool of products to the eight best magnetic lashes.

The material of magnetic lashes is an important factor to consider as it will determine how natural the falsies look as well as how durable they are. Most magnetic lashes are made out of synthetic fibers, silk, or faux mink. Silk and faux mink tend to look the most realistic, so they are a great option if you are seeking a natural look (we especially like our best overall winner KISS Magnetic Lashes and Eyeliner Kit, which uses both faux mink and synthetic fibers).

Magnetic lashes can typically be applied one of two ways; with a magnetic eyeliner (how you'll find most magnetic lashes) or by sandwiching your real lashes in between two strips of magnetic lashes. Both methods use magnetization to adhere the lashes and are way less messy than using typical lash glue, not to mention more gentle on the eyelid. The eyeliner method is definitely easier to master, but if you don't like the look of eyeliner you may want to try the second method. It really comes down to personal preference and how much patience you have.

The size and the style you choose will depend on your unique eye shape and your preference. Magnetic lashes come in a variety of different lengths ranging from short to medium to long, and varying styles like wispy, full, and dense. Certain styles or lengths can definitely accent specific eye shapes better than others. For example, a cat-eye styled lash (like Glamnetic Magnetic False Lashes) or a longer lash can open hooded eyes up more, while a shorter, wispy lash with a bit of a curl (like Ardell Magnetic Gel Liner and Lash Accent) can accentuate round eyes.

It really comes down to personal preference, your lash goals, and what feels most comfortable for you, though. A kit with a variety of lash styles and lengths is the best way to go if you are not sure which style will work best for your eyes. Our winner for best kit, Lanvier Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Kit, comes with five different sets of lashes ranging from more natural to full-on glam.

If you're deciding between regular lashes or magnetic ones, there are many benefits to the latter that might seal the deal for you. "If you like traditional lashes, you're going to love magnetic lashes because they are quick, easy, and no mess when you're in a rush," says celebrity makeup artist Alexx Mayo. "Plus, you don't have to worry about the glue damaging the lash strip." They're also a great option for beginners as they are very easy to adjust if you don't get the placement right the first time around.

After you've curled your natural lashes and applied mascara, you'll want to go in with the magnetic liner. Ann McFerran, co-founder and CEO of reusable magnetic lash brand Glamnetic, recommends positioning the eyeliner pen "parallel to your lash line so you can easily draw an even line above your lash line." Then apply tiny strokes across your lid, starting at the inner corner of your lash line, keeping in mind to match the thickness of the liner to the band size of your chosen fake eyelashes.

Celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkin adds, "try holding a mirror under your face and looking down to give you a lot more eye area to drop the lash in from." She also suggests using a tweezer or lash applicator instead of your fingers for more precision and control. It's important to note that you shouldn't apply mascara to the magnetic lashes once they're applied, as doing so will damage the strands and shorten their life span.

When it comes time to remove your magnetic lashes, always be gentle. "I like to use micellar water on a cotton swab and just lightly wipe the magnetic tabs," Simkin says. Once the lash is off, it's best to clean and sanitize the bands with alcohol (gentle cleansers and make-up removers work just as well, too) and store them in the case that they came in. This way, they are ready for the next use and free of any leftover makeup, dirt, or oil.

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