Jun 09, 2024

The story behind Glamnetic, best known for effortless magnetic eyelashes

Transform your makeup with these easy-to-use magnetic eyelashes

Transform your makeup with these easy-to-use magnetic eyelashes

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Transform your makeup with these easy-to-use magnetic eyelashes

We are highlighting AAPI-owned businesses throughout the month of May, honoring AAPI Heritage Month. Today, we are introducing you to Glamnetic, a company best known for its effortless magnetic eyelashes.

Longer and fuller eyelashes add that glamorous touch to your overall makeup look, but they are often difficult to apply with glue and can be a little messy. If you are looking for an easier way to apply false eyelashes, Glamnetic’s popular magnetic eyelashes may just do the trick.

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Founded by Ann McFerran, Glamnetic is a cult-favorite beauty brand that specializes in magnetic eyelashes and eyeliners. McFerran is Thai American, and she immigrated to the United States at just 7 years old with her single mother.

Glamnetic’s official website describes the brand as, “a true story of the American dream.” McFerran had been admitted to the University of California at Los Angeles to major in science as a pre-med student, with the goal of becoming a doctor. However, according to the brand’s website, McFerran felt that without the artistic and creative aspects of her life, something was missing.

With hopes of helping others transform their makeup in a fun and effortless way, and finding an alternative option to applying false eyelashes with glue, McFerran, along with Kevin Gould, founded Glamnetic, aiming to make eyelashes accessible to all for every occasion and time of day.

You can purchase the magnetic eyeliner with several color options, and different styles of eyelashes separately, or get a beginner’s pre-set kit that includes everything you need to get started.

Here’s how the lashes work, according to Ulta:

To remove the lashes, gently peel off the lashes from either corner. You can clean the skin with an oil-based makeup remover. To reuse the lashes, you can clean the magnets by gently scratching off the dried magnetic liner. Use makeup remover to clean off remnants, if any. However, do not wet the magnetic lashes.

Good Housekeeping lists Glamnetic’s Long Round Lashes as one of its top picks for the best magnetic eyelashes that are easy to apply. In Good Housekeeping’s test, the lashes stuck to the liner like glue and stayed put. The magnetic eyeliner offers a precise application that resembles traditional liquid eyeliners and dries quickly and isn't messy when applying (a struggle fake lash enthusiasts know all too well with traditional lash glue). Though the round shape is designed to help open up your eyes, one GH editor found that the lashes were still in her vision when wearing them.

Good Housekeeping reported that overall, magnetic lashes are safe to use around the eyes, according to Elise Brisco, OD, CCH, integrative optometrist and clinical homeopath. She explains that magnetic eyelashes are even better than using traditional false eyelashes because you don’t need to apply glue close to the eye area. Magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides, which are tiny, pigmented minerals commonly found in cosmetics, that are FDA-approved for use around the eyes, according to Andrea Thau, MD, a past president of the American Optometric Association. "There does not appear to be any risk with the small amount of electromagnetic frequency emitted by the magnets."

To be extra safe, Good Housekeeping has a few recommendations:

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