Jun 22, 2023

Woman proudly shows off her new lash extensions but everyone's saying the same embarrassing thing

A WOMAN who proudly showed off her new eyelash extensions online has been met with everyone saying the same thing.

She went to aesthetician Londrina, who specialises in "mega volume" lashes, to get them done.

And a video of her client before and after was shared on TikTok by Londrina herself.

In the clip, the woman was seen with natural lashes as she lay on the couch, ready for her extensions to be applied.

After brushing her normal lashes with spoolie brushes, the video then showed the customer after having the lashes put on.

In the after, the woman had extremely long, thick, black lashes, and her eyes appeared to be somewhat sore, judging by their bloodshot appearance.

People were quick to comment on the video, with many saying the same thing - namely that the lashes looked painful.

"Sorry but this isn't beautiful," one insisted.

"Nah that looks painful," another wrote.

"Oh my damn," a third exclaimed.

As someone else commented: "Wait, you for real?"

"Is she your enemy?" another wondered.

"I just want to say you look amazing without them," someone else told the woman.

Others insisted it's the customer's choice how she has her lashes.

"If you like it that's all that matters," one wrote.

"Beautiful lashes!" another added.

"Maybe try shorter inner corners for a more finished look."

"If she likes it then that's alright," a third said.