Aug 22, 2023

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The act of enhancing eyelashes for a darker color, longer length, or more obvious volume is dated back to Ancient Egypt and Rome, per History Daily. Of course, these lash practices looked a lot different from the glue-on strips we know today. Back then it was more common to use a black putty, known as kohl, made of lead sulfide. It would line the eyes with black powder and stick to the lashes to make them darker. Kohl is still widely used in many regions in the Middle East, South Asia, and many parts of Africa.

But, over time lashes have evolved to the thick, stacked variety we see modern-day queens like Sasha Velour and Trixie Mattel wearing. Eyelashes have only become better, bolder, and more beloved. However, the greater popularity of lash extensions has brought with it a sea of options. Countless makeup brands from across the globe now offer an array of styles and methods for eyelash enhancement — among them, natural-looking strip lashes and clusters are in high demand. We've rounded up the best at-home false lashes people won't be able to tell are fake.

When choosing a pair of eyelashes for your daily makeup look, date night, or large gathering, you first have to decide which style fits your eye shape. Many online guides will tell you what will look best, but you may need to go through some trial and error before finding your holy grail. Many false lash users prefer the tried and true glue-on method. However, in the last few years, makeup technology has advanced quickly and provided us with several alternatives such as magnetic and cluster lashes glued under the lash line.

By considering these categories and methods along with prices, reviews, and recent trends, we've found the best natural-looking lash sets for all budgets, eye shapes, and lifestyles. No matter how you like to wear your false eyelashes, we've got you covered. Check out this collection to find your new lashes for life.

The best lashes are high-quality, natural-looking, and re-wearable. Pur's The Complexion Authority Pro Eyelashes in Diva check every box. Made from 3D synthetic silk fibers, this medium-volume lash is a fan-favorite, known for being cruelty-free and extremely versatile. A customer raved, "Pur Cosmetics makes my all-time favorite lashes ... They add so much flair to a simple makeup look, and the price is incredibly reasonable."

Buy Pur Cosmetics The Complexion Authority Pro Eyelashes in Diva at Target for $14.

A similarly amazing lash, the Ardell Lift Effect, is well-liked for its affordable price and naturally eye-widening fit. The fluffy lash features long, curled hairs in the center and smaller ones toward the corners. A member of the Lift Effect collection, they aim to mimic the trend of the lash lift perm. According to Ulta reviews, the band can be thick and hard to mold, but many have found success in cutting the lash band slightly to fit their eye shape.

Purchase the Ardell Lift Effect #742 at Ulta for $5.

Lashify has had its moment across most social media platforms. The brand's at-home lash extension kit, known as the Lashify Control Kit, provides users with small lash clusters that are meant to be glued under their natural lashes to create seamless and temporary length. You can choose from three different lash styles and two different lengths. After applying them to your natural lashes, you may be able to keep them on for up to a week before you need to reapply.

Buy the Lashify Control Kit at Lashify for $125.

For some, many lashes marketed as natural look extremely dramatic on the eyes. With time and patience, we have to learn our eye shape and figure out which brands and styles work. Doe's Really Really Lowkey lashes are short with each of the fibers ranging from between 3 and 7 millimeters. One Amazon reviewer said, "I usually stay away from thicker looking bands but these are super flexible ... I love how soft and natural these lashes look, they're a great compliment for any look!"

Get Really Really Lowkey lashes at Amazon for $17.

Faux mink lashes are a popular choice for those who prefer a more authentic look because of their effortlessly silky and fluffy appearance. The Dame ColourPop Falsies Faux Mink Lashes have stellar reviews. One Ulta customer shared, "These lashes are perfect for someone who's looking for an everyday lash that's still glamorous but not over the top!" If you're looking for your next medium-length, everyday lash, you've found them.

Purchase ColourPop's Faux Mink Lashes in Dame at Ulta for $8.

Another brand that has jumped on the lash clusters wagon is Lilac St. Their Prism lashes measuring 16 millimeters are our favorite long-length version that are still not too over-the-top for daily use. However, if you do choose this option, remember that you may need to buy the entire kit to get started. Lilac St. uses a bond and seal lash adhesive that is different from most other lash varieties.

Buy the Lilac St. Prism lashes at Lilac St. for $7.

Slightly more popular than the Lilac St. clusters are the Falsaca Complete DIY Lash Extensions. With the same method, this eyelash kit provides barely-there lashes in 11 different styles. You can even purchase their bottom lash wisps for a more dramatic look. These sets are available at most grocers, pharmacies, and beauty stores, along with glue, applicators, overnighter glue, and remover.

Buy the Falsaca Special Edition Starter Kit Complete DIY Lash Extensions at Kiss for $25.

Even against black, red, blonde, or dyed hair, brown lashes can make appear more genuine, soft, and ethereal. The Loveseen Featherlift False Eyelashes in Fern offer dramatic length with understated tones. Loveseen designed their lash kits to be inclusive for a variety of ages, all ethnicities, and eye shapes. One buyer at Target said, "I adore these lashes and won't wear any other brand. These are beautiful and dramatic with lots of volume ... I wear them daily."

Purchase the Fern Loveseen Featherlift False Eyelashes at Target for $14.

Though many lashes are cruelty-free these days, there is still one brand at the top. The House of Lashes products are always vegan. Their Au Naturale lashes are named for their lightweight, barely-there style, and are a good example of beautifully real-looking lashes that have caused no harm. They are made from either 100% synthetic fibers, or 100% human hair. A customer raved, "I have never used false eyelashes before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. These were actually awesome and totally changed my appearance! They were easy to apply (especially being a complete beginner) and they stayed in place all night."

Buy Au Naturale lashes from House of Lashes for $9.

As eyelash extensions evolve, more lash technology than we never could have dreamt of has erupted online. The brand Glamnetic, which creates magnetic lashes, found a large fan base over the last two years with their easy-to-apply, long-lasting lashes. A YouTube reviewer said, "They really do just sit on there ... so easy!" In the live review, we can see how the lashes jump onto her eyelids and hold on to the magnetic eyeliner with ease.

Purchase Glamnetic Magnetic Half Lashes at Sephora for $25.

A new addition to the large selection of great lashes by Kiss is their collection, My Lash But Better. In particular, the No Filters style is known to be super comfy and perfect for everyday wear. One customer said, "These lashes blend so seamlessly that a friend asked how long my lash extensions last." These are the perfect option that can be worn with comfort, found easily, and bought without remorse.

Look for My Lash But Better False Eyelashes at Ulta for $5.

The Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Opulent Lashes are a popular daytime lash that deserves applause for its flexible band, wispy faux mink hairs, and 3D design. As shown by Instagram influencer Emily De Melo, the lashes have an eye-opening effect that gives you the most drama while still being undetectable as falsies. Each synthetic hair is thin, soft, perfectly curled, and crisscrossed for the most natural appearance.

Buy your Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Opulent Lashes at Ulta for $16.

If you've been on the beauty side of TikTok recently, the Doe Soft Bloom lashes probably sound familiar. The brand is specifically marketed to those who are under-represented in the beauty and eyelash community. Their style, Soft Bloom, which Jessica Lee tries on in a TikTok video, is described as very natural-looking, wispy, soft, and comfy. According to Doe, the lashes are the best fit for almond, upturned, hooded, and monolid eyes.

Purchase Doe lashes in Soft Bloom at Doe for $15.

Believe it or not, your eyelashes can still look authentic even if they are colorful. This is especially true if you have brightly colored hair. While there are a surprising number of brands that offer single-color and multicolored false eyelashes, the magnetic MoxieLash Sunny Lash set is rated at the top. The brand's tinted wispy, or volume lash collections have five bright options for whatever mood you are in.

Buy a MoxieLash Sunny Lash set at MoxieLash for $30.

Ardell Wispies have had the beauty community in awe for some time. They are lightweight, easy to use, reasonably priced, and just the perfect length. Not to mention, there's always at least one pair of the Ardell Wispies 113 available at your local big box store. One Amazon reviewer said, "They are long but not over-dramatic long. They also feel so natural and don't feel heavy on the eyes."

Purchase Ardell Wispies 113 at Target for $11.