Nov 15, 2023

‘Been Ripping Off Tiger’: Golf Fans Left Frustrated After Phil Mickelson Lashes Out At PGA Tour Despite Their Patch Up

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USA Today via Reuters

Oct 26, 2022; Miami, Florida, USA; Phil Mickelson speaks during a pressconference before the LIV Golf series at Trump National Doral. Mandatory Credit:Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Mickelson is one of the loudest cheering men of the Saudi-funded league. He has not let go of any opportunity to support the Saudi backed league and have a firm stance for his fellow golfers. If there have been moments when Mickelson has stood up for LIV Golf, this naturally means that he has spoken against his former tour, PGA Tour as well.

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Well, he has done that in the past, and he is still doing so! But this time, it seems it is not because of anything unfair towards his fellow LIV Golfers, but for the math that the PGA Tour has failed to justify.


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The 6X major champion has been a LIV advocate ever since he joined the league. He has always stood by his fellow golfers’ side and has taken a firm stand for them. Even so, calling the official USGA authorities d*ck move for the retrospective rule changes that affected Talor Gooch’s participation in the PGA Championship, he has never shied away from expressing his thoughts against the PGA Tour as well.

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Recently, it was pointed out by a golf commentator on Twitter that during an oath in the Senate hearing, PGA Tour executive, Ron Price said that the PGA Tour would be bringing forth $2.1 billion dollars for the 2022-23 season and pay $1 Billion out to the players. But after all the calculations and summing up all the payouts, the math did not add up. There was a giant hole worth $350 million in Price’s math, and it raised a lot of questions. The commentator even suggested in his tweet that the PGA Tour should make its books public to ensure complete transparency. The commentator appreciated the LIV golfers for leaving behind the PGA Tour and joining LIV Golf for rightful pay.

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Despite the merger between the former rivals, Lefty tweeted the commentator’s post and took a dig at PGA Tour. He called the executive’s math interesting and pointed out that for many years now, there has been a huge gap between the actual truth and the sad words of the PGA Tour; “Interesting math. For years their words and the truth have had a huge gap. But to say this under oath to Congress is next level.”

Interesting math. For years their words and the truth have had a huge gap. But to say this under oath to Congress is next level.

— Phil Mickelson (@PhilMickelson) July 31, 2023

Mickelson’s tweet quickly garnered a lot of attention from the fans and many fans posted a lot of comments under post sharing their thoughts about the mismatched math of PGAT.

Different fans had different reactions to Mickelson’s tweets. Let us look at the array of reactions.

A fan pointed out that leaving the PGA Tour was a nice move for the golfer.

Going LIV was a good move, Phil.

— Tom Knight (@knightt07_tommy) July 31, 2023

Another one said that how do authorities wake up as soon as a golfer thinks to better their lives?

Golf media when PGA Exec lie under oath = 😴

Golf media when players make decisions to improve their lives : 🤬

— Abdul عبدالاله (@AbdulNFL1) July 31, 2023

One fan pointed out that the PGA Tour has been ripping off the legendary golfer Tiger Woods.

They been ripping off Tiger !

— Dr.KingSchultz (@KingschultzD) July 31, 2023

One golf enthusiast hilariously pointed out that lies always take place under oath.

It's always different under oath 😂🥴

— Brevard Beach Bum (@BrevardBum) July 31, 2023

One fan just seemed to be over all the drama and said,

I miss the old days when golfers were just golfers.

— Tucumcari (@1986taurus) July 31, 2023

A netizen suggested that PGA Tour should add some more auditors to its table, who are unbiased.

Need to get an independent auditor in there asap. Monahan and co are running the biggest grift in sports and it’s gone on way too long

— War Damn Conecuh 🦅 (@WDEBurner) July 31, 2023

A fan was not at all surprised by the revelation.

Not surprised !

— Stu (@digitalmanoz) August 1, 2023

A fan appreciated the LIV Golf and its stance for the global game.

It’s disgusting. THANK YOU @PhilMickelson and Greg @SharkGregNorman for everything you’re doing to bring all this to light and actually “do good” for not only professional golfers, but the GLOBAL game of golf as well 👍👍

— Corey Wray (@CoreyWray2) July 31, 2023


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Commenting about the PGA Tour, a fan said that it is “falling apart.”

The PGA Tour is falling appart…@BrandelChamblee

— François Carignan (@quoide9docteur) July 31, 2023


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What are your thoughts about the messed up math of the PGA Tour? Do you think the allegations are right? Let us know in the comments below!

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