Mar 28, 2024

Benefit's New Curling Mascara Gave Me Picture

And it's heat wave-proof.

Benefit Cosmetics

Since this is a safe space, I’ll be honest: I’ve never really loved Benefit’s mascara. While so many of my friends consider Benefit mascara their HG, I felt like Goldilocks when perusing their offerings; BadGal Bangs!’s brush was too big, Roller Lash was too small and They’re Real just didn’t do it for me. But I’m not one to write a brand off completely, and I’ve had a sweet spot for Benefit since my early teens, when I lusted after Benetint in the Sephora catalog. (Yes, Sephora had a catalog back in the early ‘00s, and it was formative, to say the least.)

I’ll admit when I’m wrong, and I’m happy to say that my tune dramatically changed upon trying Benefit’s latest launch, the Fan Fest Fanning Volumizing Mascara ($28). I am personally shocked at how much I loved this mascara, which is especially surprising considering I’ve been loyal to my go-to pick, Lancôme Hypnose Drama ($33), for more than a decade.

So what is it about this product that made me declare it “just right?” Below, get the full download on why I’m considering giving Fan Fest a permanent spot in my makeup drawer.

True to its name, Fan Fest Fanning Volumizing Mascara claims to fan out lashes and plump them up with sky-high volume via the custom Full-Flex Fiber Brush and special fibers that grab and define each and every lash for mega-amplified, voluminous lashes that last. Fan Fest features a buildable, water-resistant, and humidity- and sweat-proof formula to keep your lashes looking lush and lengthy for up to 24 hours without clumping or flaking.

That’s a whole lotta promises, but IMHO, Fan Fest Fanning Volumizing Mascara totally delivered. The tube itself only adds to the experience; it’s a sleek and shiny black with a textured, swirly cap reminiscent of the brush itself. The custom Full-Flex Fiber Brush is slim but easy to manage and lets you access every single part of the lash from root to tip.

Benefit Cosmetics Fan Fest Fanning Volume Mascara ($28)


I was very pleasantly surprised by this mascara. As I’ve said before, I’m really picky about mascara; it’s the only eye makeup I wear on a day-to-day basis, so it’s gotta be good.

Kara Nesvig

I loved this stuff. Like, really loved it. Fan Fest almost instantly transformed my lashes from short and blonde to long, fluttery and yes, fanned out. They were fluffed-out but not clumpy and a deep, deep black, just how I like ‘em. One coat was all I needed for picture-perfect lashes—seriously. This was a jaw-dropper, an “I can’t believe this is actually doing what it says!” moment. I am rarely impressed by a mascara, but Fan Fest proved me wrong in a big way.

Kara Nesvig

Fan Fest also lived up to its lasting power claims. I wore it to the pool with my toddler and it survived his splashing and wiggling in the water. I wore it during a hot and humid heat wave and it didn’t budge, even after a sweaty run. I fell asleep in it and it looked great the next morning. (It does take a bit of finessing to remove, but it’s nothing a little oil can’t handle.) No flakes, no stamping on my upper or lower lashline … just great lashes, simple as that. Consider me a convert.

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