May 30, 2023

I’m a motors expert

A MOTORS expert has revealed the tackiest car trend that will make your vehicle look ridiculous.

Alex Hamilton shared a post to his blog detailing the "most tacky car accessories" a driver can buy.

Admitting some "should be banned by law" the car-fanatic didn't hold back when he said anyone who sticks eyelashes to their headlights makes him scream.

He said the popular trend mostly seen on "Minis, Ford Kas and Fiat 500s" is a "horrible disease" and needs to be stopped.

Alex wrote: "You know that famous dog that sounds like a man screaming on YouTube?

"That's my reaction every time I see eyelashes on headlights.

"This horrible disease is scary.

"The amount of Minis, Ford Kas and Fiat 500s I see with those horrible things on them is increasing by the week, making my urge to go round every car park in the land to rip them all off rise.

"Fake eyelashes that surround the headlights [are] so, so tacky."

It comes after a petrolhead revealed five other trends he thought were awful.

As Brits try to upgrade their cars with exterior accessories, light lens tints, custom hood ornaments and other cosmetic improvements, many think they've gone too far.

And experts at revealed there are big no no's when it comes to some particular ones.

They included fake performance badges, spinning wheels, a-pillar gauges, scissor doors and fake engine sounds.