Feb 14, 2024

Keke Palmer's Long, Wispy Bangs Are So Effortlessly Sultry


She looks absolutely amazing.

Keke Palmer’s reign as the internet’s best friend has officially expanded — she’s now a go-to beauty muse for an entire generation, too. Maybe it’s her nonstop willingness to experiment with throwback hairstyles, her always-excellent manicures, or the enviably casual way she pulls off a pair of false eyelashes, but there’s no denying the Keke Effect’s power. Even amid some interpersonal drama, she manages to stay so poised and unbothered — frankly, the stunning looks she’s been showing off on Instagram are the best possible revenge in any situation. Palmer’s long, wispy bangs are the latest aesthetic switch-up from the star, debuted alongside some bone structure-emphasizing layers and warm, red-toned highlights. Though the hairstyle was a one-night-only affair, Palmer should consider keeping this one in her regular rotation.

The impossibly sultry haircut-color combination was created for an appropriately monumental event: a screening of her directorial debut, Big Boss, at the Howard Theater. Paired with a trendy denim-on-denim tube dress and jacket (sidebar: what’s the gown version of a Canadian Tuxedo?), Palmer’s long, highlight-streaked hair spilled all the way down to her waist. But while the illuminating shade of reddish-brown is stunning, it’s the eyelash-length bangs and face-framing layers that really make this look such a standout.

Continuing her streak of stellar beauty moments, she immediately followed the bangs and layers up with a sleek, extra-long I Dream Of Jeannie ponytail for a set at New York’s Broccoli City Music Festival. Notably, the star captioned one glam-focused post from the concert with “#NewEra” — she’s embracing change and ready for a totally new chapter.

Palmer isn’t the only celebrity to embrace the temporary bangs trend, though. This year alone, Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, and Emily Ratajkowksi have all tried out pairs of faux-bangs, and all of them — including Palmer’s set — have looked incredibly natural, blending beautifully with wigs, natural hair, and other types of extensions for a home-grown (if you will) effect. Exploring a new era is always a good thing, but it’s even better when you don’t have to fully commit.

Amanda Ross