Sep 22, 2023

Lash expert shares how to find the perfect eyelash shape to suit your eyes

It can be to find the perfect false lash, so Ardell's brand director has given her advice for choosing falsies that work with your eye shape rather than against it

They say the eyes are the window to the face, with your natural shape something that is nearly impossible to change - even with lid lifts and other plastic surgeries out there.

While you might be stuck with the shape of your eye, your lashes can be manipulated with curlers, mascara, extensions and a fake lash. All are designed to open up your eyes and make them shine amid the rest of your features.

Mastering the false lash can be daunting, but you can give yourself a boost by choosing one that complements your eye shape rather than overwhelming it.

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Lash expert Jennifer Johnson, brand director for Ardell Lashes which is known for the popular Ardell Wispies, has shared her industry secrets when it comes to choosing a lash that really suits you.

She said: "Selecting the correct lashes for you will completely depend on your individual eye shape and, of course, the look you want to achieve.

"Take a closer look, both in a compact mirror and from afar for perspective, to really determine how your eyes sit and perhaps how you'd like to manipulate their finish with the lashes you then choose."

The most versatile of eye shapes is an almond eye, which also happens to be the most common shape too. Almond eyes have a "slightly pointed outer end and wider centre" with an iris "partially hidden by lids".

For this eye shape, Jennifer says you can go for "just about any lash" depending on the style of makeup you like. "A winged, fluttery lash, will subtly complement" but if you're wanting more lash-attention, "choose a fluffy lash with volume evenly distributed along the band".

Deep set eyes are defined by the distinct brow bone and deep socket, with natural lashes tending to graze the lid. Choosing a lash that is longer in the middle, curling away from the brow bone can accentuate the natural shape - Jennifer also recommends individual lashes focused on the centre.

These differ from protruding eyes, which pop out of the socket more creating a doll appearance, enhanced best with wispy natural lashes.

Jennifer said: "If you have hooded eyes, when the eye is open, the eyelid isn't visible and retracts into the crease. The ideal lash for this shape, like deep set eyes, should be long and have more length towards the centre.

"Cluster lashes or individuals may work better as you can build up yourself to create the desired look. Don't be afraid of the strip lash, just be wary not to choose a set which could pull down the lid and them appear smaller.

"Instead, like deep set eyes, choose strip lashes that have more length towards the centre, but also length throughout the lash to curl and lift upwards."

Doe-eyed people with a round eye shape can usually see the whole of their iris. Jennifer believes this shape is also quite versatile but "thick, heavy styles" should be avoided as they can "weigh your eyes down".

"Mono-lidded eyes are described as flat on the surface and lack in a definite crease, sometimes not having one at all," shared Jennifer.

"Mono-lid eyes tend to have eyelashes that are naturally straight, so when picking the best lashes, concentrate on a multi-layered, fluttery lash such as Ardell 8D Lashes 952 as it will do wonders in drawing subtle yet sexy attention to this pair of beauties."

If your eyes are close-set, with less than one eye length between them then look for a cat eye lash to bring balance to your face. She added: "Avoid lashes that a longer in the centre as this will make the eyes look smaller."

For natural cat eyes or upturned eyes, which are higher at the outer corner, avoid heavy lashes and go for a half lash to "create emphasis and draw attention to the eyes" without "overwhelming" them.

The expert added: "The opposite a downturned eye will have a downward tilt at the outer corners making your upper lid appear larger. Downturned eyes are reminiscent of 1920s glamour so go for a classic criss-cross winged style to lift the outer corners and extend, such as ARDELL Wispies 120 Demi.

"This creates the illusion of a smouldering cat eye. If you use individual lashes, concentrate more on the outer corner, layering a larger amount there to create a lift."

Jennifer said: "If you're still struggling to find that perfect strip lash for your eye shape, opt for individual lashes to create your ideal lash style to accentuate your eyes. You can add drama, volume, length wherever you'd like and can use them subtly to just build up the look of your natural lashes."

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