Aug 16, 2023

Reviewed: Knesko Skin's Crystal


Although I'm a practicing reiki healer and use crystals often in sessions and my own healing work, incorporating them into my skincare routine is the last thing I thought I would do. Knesko, a holistic skincare brand, offers a way to fuse both reiki healing energy and crystals into glow-inducing elixirs that work to heal the skin at its deepest layers. Of course, as soon as I heard about the brand (from an esthetician, no less), I knew I had to try it. Not only do I gel with its philosophy, but I'm always excited to learn about and try things that incorporate energy work in some way. If you're curious about my thoughts on Knesko, keep reading. I'm sharing all my honest thoughts on a few of the brand's top-selling masks.

About Knesko

What drew me to the brand is its holistic philosophy and use of crystals and energy work in its formulas. Like myself, Knesko founder Lejla Cas is a reiki master. She infuses each product with powerful reiki energy to help invigorate the skin and the body's chakra energy centers. The brand effortlessly fuses modern, clinical-grade actives with ancient healing practices. Each mask is infused with various crystals, too. Knesko breaks down the unique healing benefits that crystals offer here, but to sum it up, crystals can enhance the skin's ability to revitalize itself and help correct imbalances. While it may not happen overnight, the more you incorporate them into your routine, the more you may see those great results.

Specifically, the brand uses what it likes to call "Gemclinical technology" to deliver tiny particles of precious minerals and gemstones deep within the skin for maximum absorption. Working as semiconductors, the body's elevated temperature and energy system resonate with the gemstones and precious minerals, enhancing their spiritual benefits and boosting the efficacious properties of the serum's active ingredients.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Read my thoughts on some of the brand's offerings below!


I think this mask was one of my favorites of the bunch. Amethyst is a stone I work with a lot, so I was over the moon to learn that Knesko managed to infuse its energy into a face mask. Although amethyst is the star ingredient, it's also packed with hydrating squalane, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, meadowfoam seed oil, beta-glucan, and marine collagen. My skin was glowing after I used this. The hydration this mask offers really lasts. Some sheet masks offer a lot of hydration as you're using them, but the long-term benefits aren't there. That's not the case here; my skin felt extra soft and incredibly hydrated a whole day after using this mask.

The rose quartz mask is great for when your skin needs a little soothing. My skin tends to get inflamed from breaking out, so this mask was like a tall drink of water for my sensitive, irritated skin. It contains powerful antioxidants that combat damaging free radicals, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, white tea extract, licorice root extract, and grapeseed extract. Rose quartz is known as a highly soothing stone, and boy is that correct. The redness on one side of my face from a particularly angry breakout subsided immediately and didn't flare up again the next day. I know these masks are a bit pricey, but I think they're worth the money since I've never tried anything that approaches skincare in this way.

I was hesitant to try this charcoal-infused mask because my skin easily gets dehydrated, but it works like a charm without drying you out in the slightest. It's infused with Tahitian black pearl powder, bamboo charcoal, coffee seed extract, and green tea extract to provide your skin with the ultimate detox. It combats every type of stress that can occur due to urban pollution. My skin felt refreshed after using it, and it helped calm a few breakouts around my chin. I'll be snagging a few more of these to keep on hand.

This is probably the brand's most popular offering (celebs and estheticians talk about it the most), but sadly, it didn't come in time for this review. I had to include it anyway because it offers so many incredible benefits. This mask helps to repair damage and reduces fine lines and wrinkles with a slew of skin-enhancing ingredients. For starters, it contains 24K colloidal gold to help boost circulation, repair sun damage, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Elastin in this mask also tightens the skin, while marine collagen plumps and hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to the skin.

This mask is another great option for redness and irritation. Green jade powder in the mask has a nurturing and strengthening effect on the skin. Other active ingredients include tiger grass, purslane, probiotics, seaweed, arginine, and allantoin. They all work together to calm redness, deeply hydrate the skin, and support sensitive or reactive skin types.

More Knesko Products to Try


Repair, firm, and lift the skin with the brand's Nanogold Repair Serum. It acts as the perfect compliment to the face masks.

Brighten, energize, and hydrate the under-eye area with these eye masks infused with real diamonds. They'll restore a luminous glow.

Not sure where to start? This face mask kit includes a mask from each collection, including Nano Gold Repair, Diamond Radiance, Rose Quartz Antioxidant, and Black Pearl Detox.

I loved the Black Pearl Detox Mask, so the serum from the same collection is now high on my list of products to try. It helps resurface, renew, and retexturize the skin with lactic, glycolic, and mandelic acids.

I tend to neglect the neck area when it comes to skincare. I try to bring my serums down to my neck, but it can't hurt to incorporate masks made specifically for that area. This will help lift, repair, and firm the skin around this area.