Jun 08, 2024

The 5 Best Magnetic Lashes On Amazon

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If you’re in the market for something that’ll add volume and length to your lashes or help you mimic your favorite manga character’s makeup look, you’ll probably benefit from some false lashes. Here’s the thing: False lash application can be a painstaking task, especially if you’re a newbie trying to figure out how to master the art of gluing falsies onto your lash line. The best magnetic lashes on Amazon, on the other hand, can be easily applied using magnetic eyeliner, which is typically included in a set of magnetic lashes, or lash anchors (aka individual lashes with a magnet attached). And despite the magnetic aspect, they shouldn’t feel heavy or weigh your eyelids down.

Magnetic lashes look exactly like traditional falsies, with the difference being that there are, you guessed it, tiny magnets hidden along the false eyelashes’ base. These lashes adhere to a magnetic liquid eyeliner that you can apply to your upper lash line, though some magnetic lashes use lash anchors instead. You’ll find both options on the list ahead.

To apply magnetic lashes, you’ll first want to draw a thin line of magnetic eyeliner as close to your upper lash line as possible. After your liner dries, use a lash gripper or plastic tweezers to line your magnetic lashes up with your natural lashes. Finally, starting from the outer corner of your lash line, allow the magnets on the lash strip to connect to the eyeliner on your lash line, and work towards the inner corner of your eye, connecting one magnet at a time until your lashes are fully in place.

To apply magnetic lashes with lash anchors, you’ll want to line the lash strip over your lashes where you would normally place a falsie. Then, place the anchors under your lashes (that area where you would tightline your eyeliner) and align the anchors to the magnets on the lash strip. This allows for the lash strip and lash anchor to adhere around your lash hairs, resulting in the most natural look possible.

If you think that your magnetic lashes are too long, you can use a pair of eyebrow scissors to snip them down to your preferred length. Just remember, when trimming eyelashes, slow and steady wins the race. Trim a few lash hairs at a time until you reach a length that works for you.

Applying magnetic lashes is a foolproof way to amp up your lash game with very little effort. But removing magnetic lashes? That’s a whole different story. Magnetic eyeliner is strong and grips onto your lashes so well, you’d likely be able to make it through a wind tunnel without a single lash falling out of place. Plus, magnetic eyeliner tends to stay on your lash line much like a good matte lipstick would stay on your lips, so you’ll need to put in a bit more effort to clean your eyes at the end of the day. Rather than tugging your falsies off or aggressively rubbing your delicate eye area, add makeup remover to a cotton swab and gently glide it along your lash line until your magnetic lashes loosen. Then, after removing the lashes, proceed to wash your face as you normally would.

Pro tip: Make sure to clean the magnets on the lash strips with a makeup remover to prolong their lifespan.

If you need some magnetic lashes pronto, here are the best magnetic lashes:

1. Best Magnetic Lashes Under $10: Kiss Magnetic Lashes

2. Best Magnetic Lashes That Come With Remover Swabs: MoxieLash Magnetic Eyelashes with Eyeliner Kit

3. Best Magnetic Lashes According To Amazon Reviewers: Luxillia Magnetic Lashes

4. Best Magnetic Lash Kit For Travel: Lanvier Magnetic Eyelash and Eyeliner Kit

5. Best Magnetic Lashes That Don’t Require Magnetic Liner: Glamnetic Magnetic Lashes

Priced at less than $10, Kiss’ magnetic lashes offer a low-stakes way to try this new-to-you product type. You can apply these lashes with the brand’s magnetic liquid eyeliner, which is sold separately. Don’t worry, though — a low-stakes investment doesn’t mean a sub-par set of lashes; these are perfect for adding a ton of volume to your lash line, making them an ideal choice for dramatic nighttime looks.

What’s Included: Magnetic Lashes (1 Pair) Cruelty-Free: Yes

Relevant Review: “Putting on eyelashes can be HARD! These magnetic ones are a breeze! If you can do liquid eyeliner you can do this! They look great on and last all day long comfortably.”

Although applying magnetic lashes is pretty easy, MoxieLash knows that removing magnetic lashes can be a hassle, which is why their magnetic lash kit comes with everything you need, including pre-soaked cotton swabs for easy magnetic eyeliner removal. You also get a tube of magnetic eyeliner in this set, as well as one pair of long, fluttery lashes. On the same Amazon page, you can choose from a few other styles of lashes, too.

What’s Included: Magnetic Lashes (1 Pair), Magnetic Eyeliner, Lash Removal Swabs Cruelty-Free: Yes

Relevant Review: “You get what you pay for. These are definitely superior to others I’ve tried. Worth the money. Mine have held up 3 months and [are] still going strong.”

Wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire — and whenever thousands of people rave about a product — over 15,000, in this case — it’s likely pretty amazing. Luxillia’s magnetic lash kit comes with five different sets of false lashes that vary in terms of density, shape, and length. And if you thought magnetic lashes were easy to apply, this lash kit comes with a handy set of lash grippers to make the process even easier.

What’s Included: Magnetic Lashes (5 Pairs), Magnetic Eyeliner, Lash Applicator Cruelty-Free: Yes.

Relevant Review: “It’s super easy to apply and glams up any look! Makes me look like a million bucks in seconds! Taking off the magnetic eyeliner is [easy] too, I just rub some coconut oil to soften the liner and then clean it up with a regular make up remover. Finally I am supremely sensitive and allergic to a host of different things and this liner has not affected me yet! Love love love.”

Lanvier’s magnetic lash kit comes in an adorable compact that’s about the same size as a typical powder compact, making it great for throwing into your makeup bag without taking up too much space. This kit contains everything you need for easy lash application while en route, including five pairs of magnetic eyelashes — some more dramatic, others more natural.

What’s Included: Magnetic Lashes (5 Pairs), Magnetic Eyeliner, Lash Applicator, Mirrored Storage Compact Cruelty-Free: Not Specified

Relevant Review: “I like the eyeliner. It works fantastic, and the design of the tube keeps the brush clean. The lashes are high quality, and lasted all day. I also like the compact for storage of extra pairs. Would definitely recommend.”

If you’re into the no-makeup-makeup look and want to steer clear of any liner on your lash line, consider giving Glamnetic’s magnetic lashes a whirl. These lashes come with lash anchors, which are essentially individual lashes with magnets attached. Not only does this offer a more natural look, since you aren’t forced to wear any eyeliner, but it also makes removal as easy as separating the magnets from one another at the end of the day. That said, you can apply these lashes with magnetic eyeliner, if you prefer — the brand makes their own version, which you can find here. Choose from 15 different styles of lashes, all of which are reusable.

What’s Included: Magnetic Lashes (1 Pair) Cruelty-free: Yes

Relevant Review: “I got the Venus with the magnetic liner. It's my first time trying magnetic lashes and I think it'll be very hard to go back to the glue lashes. They are so lightweight and it clicked right away - very easy to use. I like the extra security of the corner magnetic lash clips, it makes me feel like they will stay put the whole day. I don't have any of that pokey, irritating eyelash prick. very nice quality lashes that will last.”

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