May 27, 2024

The 7 Best Magnetic Lashes of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

The Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit is the best there is

Melanie Rud is a freelance beauty writer, editor, and expert living in Chicago.

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People / Marcus Millan

Some people are simply blessed with long, lush lashes. For the rest of us who haven’t quite won the genetic lottery, a good mascara is invaluable when it comes to lengthening and enhancing what you naturally have. But if a few swipes of mascara aren't quite giving you the lash look you’re after, or for times when you really want a more eye-popping effect, false lashes are a game-changer. (They’re even one of Katy Perry’s go-to makeup secrets.) And while applying falsies once required messy and hard-to-use glue or adhesive, the recent advent of magnetic lashes has made it easier than ever to amp up your fringe. Magnetic lashes take the mess out of the process, are less likely to come off, and application is much more seamless than using traditional tweezers and glue, says L.A. and N.Y.C. based makeup artist Kirin Bhatty, whose clients include Jenny Slate and Kate Mara. (She adds that removal is easier as well.)

There are two kinds of magnetic lashes. Some are meant to be used with a magnetic eyeliner; swipe on the liner, then pop on the lash strip. Others feature two strips, which you sandwich above and under your natural lashes, and snap together via tiny magnets at the base. We tested both kinds, 15 options in total, and assessed how easy they actually were to apply (and remove), how comfortable they felt and were to wear, and, of course, the type of lash look they delivered. There were a variety of winners — at all price points — but none performed quite as well as the Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit, which earned nearly perfect scores in every category.

Below, the seven best magnetic lashes that PEOPLE tested.


The magnets on these lashes are small and light, and spaced perfectly for secure adhesion.

The lashes held their shape well, even after several cycles of wear and removal.

The magnetic liner is easy to remove with micellar water.

The lashes themselves may be a bit too long for some and require some trimming.

Ringing in at less than $10, these prove to be a serious steal of a deal — especially considering that they come with an included magnetic eyeliner and can be reused up to 15 times. To that point, we found that the synthetic lashes held their shape beautifully, without bunching up or crinkling, even after wearing them and removing them multiple times. The lashes are feather-light, despite their attached magnets; we also loved how easy it was to manipulate and position the lashes to get them perfectly lined up, and how secure they felt once they were in place. Plus, both the lashes and the liner itself were incredibly easy to remove, requiring just a little bit of micellar water and a cotton swab. While this does come with only one style of lash (which may or may not require trimming, based on how long you like your lashes), there are other styles available, and, at this wallet-friendly price, you really can’t go wrong.

Price at time of publish: $9

Lash type: Synthetic | Vegan: Yes | Features: Four styles available | Reusable: Yes, up to 15 times

People / Tamara Staples


The magnets hold the lashes securely in place, but still allow you to adjust them as needed.

The eyeliner has an easy-to-use applicator, glides on seamlessly, and dries quickly.

These do require a fairly thick coat of liner in order to have proper adhesion.

The voluminous effect may be a bit intense for those looking for a more natural effect.

For those looking for lashes that you can just pop on, no trimming or tweaking required, these are choice. Eight magnets are inset on the cotton band, delivering the exact right amount of hold — not so much that we couldn’t adjust the placement as needed, but still enough that the lash strip felt totally secure all day long. Our testing did show that a good coat of liner is required in order to get full adhesion, but the liner is easy to apply, making that process seamless as well. Just keep in mind that these lashes are fairly voluminous; we noted that they may be a bit dramatic for those who want more of a subdued effect.

Price at time of publish: $35

Lash type: Synthetic | Vegan: Yes | Features: Voluminous | Reusable: Yes, 30+ times


These thin lashes felt extremely light and comfortable.

The more natural-looking style blends seamlessly with natural lashes.

While the lashes come off easily, the magnetic liner itself can be a bit more difficult to remove.

Believe it: False lashes don’t have to look, well, fake, and here’s proof positive. We found that this set of thin and light falsies blended in seamlessly with our natural lashes, adding the perfect amount of subtle enhancement without looking too dramatic. They were extremely comfortable to wear and we also loved the fluttering effect, as well as how quickly and easily they attached to the magnetic liner (which, it bears mentioning, needs to be purchased separately). The shape and size of these also makes these a nice choice for those with smaller-shaped eyes.

Price at time of publish: $10

Lash type: Vegan silk | Vegan: Yes | Features: Wispy | Reusable: Yes, up to 30 times

People / Tamara Staples

People / Tamara Staples


The magnets help guide the placement of the lashes and offer a very secure attachment.

The lashes hold and maintain their shape nicely throughout the day.

The magnetic liner is thicker than traditional liner, and it can take some practice to figure out how to apply it correctly.

Because these lashes are on the more dramatic side, they can feel a bit heavy on the eye.

On the flip side, if you’re after a more intense, eye-catching look, consider these dramatic falsies. We found them to create an extra glamorous effect, more suited for a special occasion than everyday wear. In our experience, the included magnetic liner had a thick consistency that made it challenging to get an even application along the lash line; however, after a little bit of trial and error, we were able to achieve an even line and the lashes popped right on. While these did feel a bit more substantial on the eye than others, they were still comfortable to wear and came right off — although the liner did require a bit more elbow grease; it took our tester multiple tries to get the liner on just right at first, but with a bit of practice, you can nail the application.

Price at time of publish: $30

Lash type: Synthetic | Vegan: Yes | Features: Dramatic, comes in several styles | Reusable: Yes, up to 60 times

People / Tamara Staples

People / Tamara Staples

People / Tamara Staples

Ulta Beauty

Despite being a bit heavier, these lashes held their shape and curl well all day.

The magnetic liner takes a long time to dry, and the applicator brush is a bit flimsy.

The liner is also hard to remove.

Completely synthetic, these faux mink lashes easily mimic the quality you’d get from real mink lashes without the cruelty aspect. While they were a bit more dramatic and long, they were still nearly undetectable when on; we loved how comfortable the wear was, as well as how nicely they held their shape, even after extended periods of time. Where these fell a bit short was when it came to the magnetic liner. We didn’t like how flimsy the applicator brush was, making application tricky, as well as how long it took the liner to dry. And while the lashes themselves popped right off without pulling or tugging, the liner ended up a bit crumbly, getting into our eyes during the removal process and causing some mild irritation.

Price at time of publish: $20

Lash type: Faux mink | Vegan: Yes | Features: Dramatic, four styles available | Reusable: Yes, up to 50 times


These worked nicely even with another brand’s magnetic liner.

The shorter style of these lashes make them both look and feel more natural.

The included pot of eyeliner was dried out upon opening, requiring us to test these with a different brand’s eyeliner.

Half strip falsies offer a nice option for those who may be new to false lashes, or who just want to add a little bit of a pop to their eyes. These — which, it bears mentioning are also much shorter than others we tested — did in fact offer that effect, and also had the added benefit of feeling extremely comfortable. We couldn’t tell we were wearing them, even while blinking, which we found to be more akin to that of lash extensions than full-on falsies. The one major drawback? The included pot of magnetic liner was dried up upon opening, causing us to use another brand’s magnetic eyeliner to attach these lashes. The good news: They still worked well, even with this different liner, a nice boon for those who may want to mix and match.

Price at time of publish: $17

Lash type: Human hair | Vegan: No | Features: Half-strip | Reusable: Yes

People / Tamara Staples

People / Tamara Staples


The magnets caught easily and felt very secure, both initially and throughout a day’s wear.

The magnets did catch a bit on natural lashes during the removal process.

Here’s a winning pick for anyone looking for a one-stop-magnetic lash-shop. This comes with a magnetic liner, five different styles of lashes (all of which are reusable), and a convenient case with an included mirror. There are five magnets inset on the band of the full-strip of lashes, which secured quickly and easily to the liner, and stayed put throughout the day. Unlike some other products we tested, we did find that the magnets tugged on our skin ever so slightly during the removal process, although it wasn’t painful and the strip did still come off nicely. Our testing also found that the lashes, even the more dramatic style, felt comfortable and fluttery.

Price at time of publish: $12

Lash type: Synthetic | Vegan: Yes Features: Comes with five styles | Reusable: Yes

People / Tamara Staples

People / Tamara Staples

While all of the winning magnetic lashes that we tested were ones meant to be paired with an accompanying magnetic eyeliner, there are others on the market that are meant to be used without. Choose based on your personal preference, suggests Bhatty. If you don’t feel comfortable using eyeliner, or don’t like the look of it, opt for magnetic lashes that come with two strips that are sandwiched together on top and bottom, she says. (Although she does add that liner tends to make application easier for a full strip.) It also bears mentioning that some magnetic lashes — like our overall winner, the Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and Lash Kit — will come with an eyeliner included. Others, like Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Faux Mink False Lash, require that it be purchased separately.

As with any false lash, it’s still important to consider what kind of overall look you’re trying to achieve. Magnetic lashes come in a variety of styles, ranging from more natural and subtle (like the Moxielash Classy Lash) to full-on glam, and dramatic, like the Glamnetic Magnetic False Lashes. Again, this comes down to a matter of personal preference and exactly how you like your lashes to look. Just keep in mind that the more dramatic options will likely be and feel a bit heavier on your eyes.

Ideally, the magnets should be so small that they’re hardly visible, says Andrew Sotomayor, a celebrity makeup artist who’s worked with Kerry Washington. Also important: A band that’s neither too thick nor too thin. “Something too delicate or thick likely can’t be reused as often, and one that’s too thick might feel heavy. Anything in the middle should be fine,” he explains.

People / Tamara Staples

In total, we tested 15 different sets of magnetic lashes.

Our testers first removed all makeup and debris from their lash lines using a makeup wipe to ensure they had a clean canvas. They then determined their eye shape before choosing a compatible lash type with the help of our onsite expert, N.Y.C.-based makeup artist Jaleesa Jaikaran. They then each applied the same eyelid primer followed by a dusting of the same setting powder (to serve as controls) to help mattify and smooth the area.

Then, each tester carefully pulled their lash strip out of the packaging and measured it against their lash lines to determine whether or not it needed trimming. If it did, they were to cut at the outer end of the strip, being sure not to cut into any of the magnets. If a liner was required, they then used the product's accompanying liner (or one that our lab team provided if one was unusable or missing) by applying a thick line on both their top and bottom lash lines, being sure not to get the liner on their natural lashes, and letting it set for 3-5 minutes. Then, they were to place the lashes on the liner and gently press down to adhere them.

If the lashes did not require a liner, they were to identify the anchor magnets at the front and back of the lash strips, remove them, and set aside. Next, they laid the magnetic eyelashes along the lash line and used tweezers to hold the anchor magnet close to the bottom of the eyelashes at the outer corner of your eye until it snapped into place. They did the same with the other anchor magnet at the inner corner of the eye.

After the lashes were applied, the testers then assessed how they looked and felt, as well as added a light coat of mascara to blend their natural lashes into the magnetic lashes.

To remove the lashes, each tester was instructed to gently grab onto the outer corner of the lash strip and lift them away from the skin. Finally, they used cotton swabs and rounds soaked in micellar water to gently remove any remaining liner from their lids.

Definitely, although you will want to remove them and clean them at night. You can use a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean the band where the magnets are, or, try Sotomayor’s trick and spritz them with an organic, unscented hand sanitizer and let them dry overnight. And, if you are using a set that requires eyeliner, make sure to remove the eyeliner at night as well.

If you’re using the kind that requires a liner, the key is making sure that the liner is fully dry before attaching the lashes, says Bhatty. If you’re applying a full strip that doesn’t require liner, “Use a lash application tool that’s designed for applying magnetic lashes. I find this to be the easiest method, as it will clamp down on your natural lash much like a lash curler. When you release, the lashes will be bound together by the magnets,” she explains. Another important tip: If you’re going to also be wearing mascara, apply it before putting on the lashes, so that the product doesn’t get on them and you don’t have to aggressively clean them, Sotomayor points out.

If they’re the kind that’s paired with a liner, “Start from the outer corner and gently pull downward and inward until the lash comes off,” says Bhatty. It should lift and come off fairly easily. Then, make sure to fully remove the liner; there are special removers made for magnetic liners, although, generally speaking, an oil-based makeup remover should do the trick. If you’re wearing the kind of lashes that are sandwiched together, “Simply peel the top lashes straight up and the lower lashes will fall right off as the magnets detach,” says Sotomayor.

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