Jun 15, 2023

The Growing Market for Artificial Intelligence in Beauty and Cosmetics

The global market for artificial intelligence (A.I.) in the beauty and cosmetics industry is a booming business worth billions of dollars. Experts predict that this market will experience rapid growth of 20 to 30% over the next five years.

In San Francisco, a startup called Clockwork is revolutionizing the beauty service experience with A.I.-powered robots. Co-founder and CEO Renuka Apte was inspired by her frustration with salon appointments. The company aims to provide convenient beauty services in various locations, such as apartment complexes, corporate offices, and retail stores.

Nimble Beauty is another company making strides in the A.I. beauty market. Its home devices have already sold over 5,000 units on Kickstarter and are capable of providing a four-coat manicure in about an hour. The machines improve over time using A.I. to learn and adapt.

According to Nimble Beauty’s CEO Omri Moran, A.I. is essential for robots to understand and accurately perform tasks such as nail painting. Without A.I., the robots would be limited to repeating predefined actions. A.I. allows them to identify specific nails and adapt to different shapes and cuticles.

LUUM, on the other hand, employs robotic arms to handle delicate eyelash extensions. Co-founder Nate Harding explains that their robots augment human capabilities rather than replace them. Safety is a top concern, with lightweight robot arms designed to be attached with magnets.

While these A.I. beauty solutions offer convenience and precision, concerns about job displacement among lash artists and nail technicians have been raised. The National Association of Lash Artists believes that robots can attract a new clientele for lash extensions, but Apte emphasizes that these machines are intended for express services and are not a substitute for the full experience provided by skilled professionals.

Apte’s company has been expanding its presence, installing two to three machines in new locations every month. LUUM recently installed a machine at an ULTA Beauty store in San Jose, California. Nimble Beauty plans to make their at-home nail machine available for purchase early next year.

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