Jul 29, 2023

What to Know About False Lashes and Lash Extensions for Your Wedding

Learn the pros and cons of each option.

Photo by Corrina Walker Photography

As you are dreaming of your wedding day beauty, you may envision yourself with full, beautiful lashes to create a striking eye look. While mascara can be a great option to enhance length and color, many brides want to take the extra step and supplement their natural lashes. That's where false eyelashes and lash extensions can come in. Not only can they make a major difference in your wedding day beauty look, but they also will not run with a few emotional tears while walking down the aisle. However, a bride should think carefully ahead of the big day whether she should choose false lashes or lash extensions.

Ahead, we chatted with a professional wedding makeup artist and a lash extension artist to share their insights on whether false lashes or lash extensions may be right for your wedding day.

Meet the Expert

False lashes are a great and cost-effective option for brides looking to get a fuller lash look on the day of the wedding. A full strip can range from $5 to $30 depending on the brand and quality. "I love a false lash as an addition to the bride's look," shares makeup artist Felicia Graham Enix. "I like to use a lash to lengthen and add volume. I actually prefer a false lash over mascara especially if the bride tends to cry a lot. However, if the bride has sensitive eyes, tears, or squints a lot that could make it difficult to apply the lash." If you are considering using a false lash for your wedding, she suggests to discuss it ahead of time and try it out during your wedding makeup trial.

False lashes are typically applied with a special eye-sensitive glue and can come in either a full strip or individual clusters of lashes. The process for application is simple and doesn't take much time either. "I typically line up the lash on my bride's lid to see if it's a good fit and length," explains Enix. "If the length is fine but the lash doesn't fit my bride's lash line, then I clip the excess from the outer end. I then add a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band as well as on the bride's lash line before applying."

Enix says she prefers false lashes on brides over extensions, but adds it is possible to supplement them for a fuller look. "Every artist has their own preference," she says. "I like to use a strip lash because I have more control of the outcome. Don't get me wrong. I like lash extensions too when they are done right, but I have had a few instances with brides where I had to clean up the lashes and add clusters to fill in spaces to make it look more natural."

Lash extensions are a longer-lasting option for brides that start around $150 for application. "Lash extensions can enhance your natural beauty without the use of cosmetics while eliminating the application of mascara, which cuts down your get ready time by 15min," shares Courtney Casgraux, co-founder and lash artist at GBY Beauty. "Once the lashes are applied, this enhancement gives the effect of being fresh faced and are eye opening. Having extensions leading up to your wedding day with all the parties, engagements and even off to honeymoon. Lashes are a great way to feel makeup ready (without the makeup)."

"Lash extensions have come a long way," she continues. "Sometimes you cannot tell if they are a strip last or extensions, but the main difference now is you cannot remove professionally applied lash extensions on your own. Once they are applied, they are applied for the duration of your natural lash growth cycle or until you can get them removed professionally."

Brides looking to get professional lash extensions should plan to get them done four to six weeks in advance of their wedding once they have confirmed their overall beauty look for the day. "The wedding day hair and makeup look factors greatly into the styling of the lash extensions," notes Casgraux. "Also, the four to six week time frame is very important as first-time clients can have allergic reactions to the adhesive. It’s not common, but this does happen. To eliminate any further wedding stressors, we recommend you come see us the sooner the better."

The process takes about one-and-a-half hours and may not be advised to those with sensitive eyes. "If you can come in a photo of your desired look, we strongly recommend it! It’s a better way to help achieve your lash goals for the big day. It’s extremely important to arrive fresh faced, free of any facial creams or cosmetics on the face," Casgraux describes of the appointment. "Your aesthetician will have a brief consultation with you to go over lash styles along with an explanation of the application process. At GBY, we use over 1000 different lashes so every application is custom. Once you and your stylist have decided on the best lash extension style for you, under eye pads are placed under each eye to prevent your bottom lashes from sticking to your top lashes and the application process begins."

One tip Casgraux has for brides? Consider getting extensions once before to know if they love the look. "It’s the best way for the bride to feel the most comfortable and confident on their wedding day," she shares.