Oct 16, 2023

Best mascaras for Asian lashes: Lancôme, Etude, and more

As the Internet so aptly puts it, there are certain adages and axioms that do not age well. There is the notion that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, for one, or that children should be seen and not heard. In the case of the beauty realm, the saying in question proves to be this: one size fits all. Bearing in mind the various intricacies and complexities that come with specific skin, hair, and body types, it is a sentiment that feels distinctly shortsighted especially considering how a product presents differently—in both minute and monumental ways—depending on an individual’s current state. And while this phenomenon shows itself across various make-up categories, we at Vogue Singapore are choosing to hone in on just one today: mascaras.

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It is a tale as old as time: a mascara garners virality, earns a spot in your make-up arsenal, and is quickly phased out in the wake of the realisation that it does not work for you as it does others. This boils down to functionality, where said item was designed without taking into consideration the characteristics of your lashes. As locals can attest, most people of East Asian descent tend to have short, sparse, and straight strands. And so, this, too, needs to reflect in your choice of mascaras. Think lightweight formulas that don’t weigh down on petite hairs that cause droopiness, smaller brushes that can easily comb through tinier surface areas, and the like.

Should the thought of these parameters feel daunting, we say look to a workaround that arrives in the form of our curation of best mascaras for Asian lashes. No matter if your preference lies in lengthening, volumising, or even defining formulas, we at Vogue Singapore promise we have you covered. Spy our recommendations, below.

So, you’re looking for lashes that look prime for takeoff at any moment. For skyscraper strands, aim for a mascara with a buildable, non-clumpy formula that can be layered on multiple times seamlessly, of which is equipped with a precise brush that can grab onto even the shortest of hairs.

If a dramatic fringe of lashes is what you’re seeking, a thickening, pigment-packed solution is your best bet. For this look, technique matters too—be sure to swipe the wand all the way through lashes, and to begin by coating the hairs at the base of your lashes so they appear full and fluttery.

Most make-up mavens would be familiar with the manga lash fad that, at one point, had overtaken many a TikTok feed. And while this aesthetic is best achieved with individual falsies, it can be done with a finespun brush that is designed to separate strands effectively.