Aug 09, 2023

Former Runshaw College student, 23, opens new salon in Leyland town centre called 'Lash Sorcery'

Eve Dean, a former pupil at Balshaw's Church of England High School and Runshaw College, officially opened ‘Lash Sorcery’ last Saturday (August 12) surrounded by friends, family and loyal clients.

Located in the old Derian House charity shop on Hough Lane, Lash Sorcery is a luxury salon for eyelashes and brows, which also sells Eve’s own line of eyelash products and hopes to offer beauty services such as nails and makeup in the future once other beauticians are hired.



Eve, a former care worker, said: “It was a nightmare getting the keys in the beginning, I’d been trying to find somewhere for a while… I did see this one on the main street but thought it was a bit expensive, and then when we came and looked at it, I thought ‘I'm just gonna have to do it’. It was a charity shop so it was really, really rundown, it literally needed brand new everything, so we spent so much money but it’s completely different now – luxury.”

When asked how it feels to finally open, Eve replied: “It's very overwhelming. A lot of people say it’s a big achievement but I think now that I’ve sat back and looked at it all, I’ve appreciated it is something to be proud of.”

Having originally studied health and social care at Runshaw College, Eve had been a care worker for three years before she decided to undertake lash courses, and she has now been doing lashes fulltime for two years.

Explaining why she took the leap to change career, Eve said: “It was very long hours, I was starting work at six o'clock in the morning and then finishing, say if I was doing the bed run, at like half 11 at night. It was through Covid as well so I think I just wanted to do something different.”



Whilst working from her mum’s dining room, Eve’s home business was constantly fully booked and she even developed her own line of products (strip lashes, lash trays etc) which have now been officially launched alongside the salon’s opening.

Eve is also currently undertaking a level three course as she wants to be able to teach others in the future and even turn Lash Sorcery into a Training Academy for lash technicians.

She explained: “A lot of people now who do lashes, even people that have been doing it like 10 years, they're not really up to date with all the different styles, like I offer a lot of different styles, sets that suit lots of different people, where as a lot of lash techs just pick one style and do the same for everybody, so I like being able to teach people how to deal with all the different sets.”

Eve added: “I live locally in Leyland and attended high school and college here so I am very proud to open a shop and build a business in the area, and hopefully train talented beauticians and attract new beauticians to Leyland too.”

You can follow the latest updates from Lash Sorcery on its Instagram page.