Aug 08, 2023

The 12 Best False Lashes, Tested and Reviewed

Colourpop’s “Bae” Faux Mink Lashes were the belle of the ball

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People / Jhett Thompson

Sometimes all you need to complete your look is a gorgeous set of false lashes. And whether you prefer to break out the strip lashes for everyday use (like Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs) or save these extensions for a special occasion, there’s a lash out there for everyone’s personal style. From airy, sparse-stranded lashes for natural glam to full-bodied, voluminous lashes for a dramatic eye, there are countless styles of lashes to choose from depending on your beauty preferences (and how fabulous you are feeling that day).

If there’s anyone who knows how to pick a good pair of falsies, it’s a celebrity makeup artist who is tasked with perfecting beauty mavens for red carpets and flash photography. “When picking out a strip lash, I always look at the density and quality of the hair, as well as the band and the shape and design of the lashes,” says Diane Buzzetta, MUA to glamazons like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Paris Hilton, and more. “For a more natural look, I always prefer an invisible band because of how beautifully it blends into the lash line,” the artist adds.

With the seemingly infinite amount of false lashes available online and in your favorite makeup stores, it can feel daunting to pick out the perfect pair (or pairs, we know you want them all). We decided to take on this battle by bringing in 18 of the most popular falsies into our PEOPLE Tested Lab and rating each pair based on application, weight, wear, and overall look. While six were left on the chopping block, 12 lashes won us over — and are listed here for all of your beauty needs.

Read on for PEOPLE's picks for the best false lashes.

Ulta Beauty

Voluminous yet natural style

Lightweight feel

Easily reusable

Only available in singles instead of multipacks

Perched atop a thin, black band are the Colourpop Falsies Faux Mink Lashes in the style “Bae.” This wispy yet full lash features a blend of longer, condensed strands and short, splayed ones to emulate a natural (yet amped up) eyelash that works for both everyday use and full-glam events, as well. These synthetic fibers are meant to recreate the look and feel of mink lashes, just without the harmful components that go into the production of them.

Our testers loved how easy these lashes were to apply and adored their lightweight feel while they were worn. They could “barely feel that they were on'' and appreciated that the black band made it look like they had applied eyeliner, thus creating the appearance of thicker natural lashes.

While some pairs of lashes are only able to be worn one or two times before needing to get tossed, our tester shared that they think you could get several uses out of this pair with no problem. In fact, they even shared that this will become their “most worn pair of lashes very soon” — a review we can definitely get behind. Our only qualm was that there aren’t more of these lashes besides one pair in the packaging (yes, they’re really that good).

Price at time of publish: $8

Lash type: Faux mink | Vegan: Yes | Features: Wispy, lengthening, lightweight

Ulta Beauty

Very affordable

Lightweight feel

Voluminous, wispy strands

The lash band is quite straight, making it hard to fit all eye shapes

Long, luscious lashes shouldn’t cost a fortune, and with the Kiss My Lash But Better falsies, they officially don’t need to. These $5 lashes are surprisingly luxe for their price, giving substance to the statement that price doesn’t always equal value — for these strands far surpass their humble number. Composed of a nearly invisible band using their “superfine band technology” and thin, faux mink strands, these lengthy lashes are light enough to be worn in your day-to-day but can add some serious drama to a rouged eye.

Our testers marveled at how light these lashes felt after being applied, stating that they could “barely feel them at all” once the glue had dried. The design of the lashes did not go unnoticed either, as the tester admired how these long strands “made the eyes pop” and added an extra dose of volume to their natural lashes. However, they did feel like the band was a bit hard to form to their eye shape, as the lash was quite straight and not curved enough to fit all eye shapes. But with a bit of molding and careful gluing, these lashes were able to fit and add some flair to our tester’s look — all for $5.

Price at time of publish: $4.99

Lash type: Faux mink | Vegan: No | Features: Superfine Band Technology, up to 10 wears

Ulta Beauty

Ultra-soft lashes

Fine, wispy strands

Rounded, easy-to-apply band

Not suitable for everyday, as it's quite a dramatic style

When you need to go big or go home, you’ll want to call Lilly Lashes to get the job done — and the 3D Faux Mink Lashes are just the pair you’ll need. Dramatic yet naturally placed, these vegan, faux mink lashes feature a scalloped-edge lash that alternates equally between staggered short and long lashes with medium-sized strands in between to blend the voluminous look together. Its thin band makes the strip incredibly easy to inch towards the lash line and make for a flawless application — as if you grew these splurge-worthy lashes yourself.

“The application was straightforward and relatively easy, especially given these lashes are so massive, so there's a lot of material to hold onto,” our tester recorded, taking note of the sheer size of these lashes. They even went on to say that though the lashes were “so long that they hit [her] eyebrows,” they never felt heavy or burdensome. However, our tester does warn buyers to know that these are not for your everyday look, as these lengthy lashes need some serious glam to fit your look proportionally — so plan accordingly. But with this one purchase, you will have ornate lashes for any special occasion you may be headed to, thanks to their ability to be worn several times over (25 times, to be exact) before having to dispose of them, making these a splurge-worthy choice.

Price at time of publish: $28

Lash type: Faux mink | Vegan: Yes | Features: Ultra wispy, up to 25 wears

People / Jhett Thompson

People / Jhett Thompson


Plant-based fibers

Ultra-thin wispy lashes


A bit difficult to apply, as our testers found it a bit hard to grip onto the hemp fibers

In the era of “clean beauty” we seem to have a breadth of natural products from skincare to makeup to choose from — but did you know that falsies can fall into this category, as well? The Velour Second Nature Plant Fibre Lashes are made from hemp-derived lashes, for a fringe that looks just as good on you as it is to the planet. Each lash is handmade with these hemp fibers and threaded individually onto a thin, black cotton lash band to weave eco-conscious materials into every aspect of the lash — a true testament to “natural” beauty.

After applying these strip lashes, our testers observed how very lightweight and natural this pair looked and felt. The ultra-thin fibers make for a wispy lash that blends in seamlessly with your own lashes to produce a look that’s as natural as it gets, both literally and figuratively. However, our testers did find that the hemp fibers were a bit hard to grip onto when applying the lash, but that the band was easier to maneuver. For an everyday look or to add extra oomph to your night-out glam, these plant-based lashes with 20-plus reuses are here to spice up your makeup routine.

Price at time of publish: $24

Lash type: Plant fibers | Vegan: Yes | Features: Round shape complementary to all eyes, recyclable, thin and flexible cotton thread band, lasts up to 20 wears

People / Jhett Thompson


Dual-toned for natural look

Medium fullness

Very comfortable

Could be difficult to preserve and rewear, as they are very thin

For the beauty lovers who like to incorporate a lash into their everyday look, or someone who doesn’t want to go too bold on the lashes on the rare occasions that they apply them at all, we have just the pair for you. The Loveseen Troi lashes are an uber-comfortable, lightweight and (relatively) short option that intertwines with your natural lashes beautifully thanks to their ultra-thin strands. This pair is especially perfect for those who don’t like the darkness of all-black falsies, as these lashes have a healthy mix of brown and black wispy lashes to further sell the “everyday” look.

Our testers appreciated how thin the band was, as it allowed them to easily apply and shape it to their lash lines for an optimal fit. However, due to this thinness, our testers were unsure how nicely these would hold up for several re-uses, though the brand claims that they can last for up to 10 uses if tenderly taken care of. The natural look of this pair was a huge plus to our testers, though, as these were chosen as the most wearable for everyday looks out of the bunch. The lash lover in your life will appreciate these barely-there lashes that give your eyes a lift without the drama of cat-eye fringe.

Price at time of publish: $22

Lash type: Synthetic nylon | Vegan: Yes | Features: Dual-toned, cat-eye shape, up to 10 wears

People / Jhett Thompson


Airy feel

Easy application

Comfortable fit, even on inner corners

Not a natural look, if that’s your preference

If you shy away from false lashes because you’ve had a few uncomfortable experiences, we don’t blame you — but you won’t have to worry about any discomfort when it comes to these Vegan False Eyelashes from the Sephora Collection. The ultralight lashes were tested in the style “Fringe,” which is a wispy, full-volume pair with a tapered design to add thickness to the outer corners, creating a more cat-like effect for round eyes. Our testers found that these strip lashes were “extremely easy to apply,” so much so that they could use their fingers for no-fuss application.

Many times we’ve been poked and prodded in the inner corners of our eyes by uncomfortable lash bands, but that’s no problem for this soft pair. Our tester emphasizes this statement by pointing out that wearing this style created none of those uncomfortable moments, but instead felt so light that they could “barely feel them on.”

While we don’t think there’s a set of rules as to where you can or can’t wear false lashes, our tester did feel as if these would be a little too much for everyday life. However, they do recommend these for “something more bold and fun for a party or night out.” So get your dancing shoes on and apply these lashes — we’re going out.

Price at time of publish: $10

Lash type: Synthetic | Vegan: Yes | Features: Full volume, wispy, added thickness at outer corners

People / Jhett Thompson


Luxe silk fibers

Layered lashes for maximum volume

Comfortable wear

Individual lashes somewhat prone to falling out and bending

If pumped-up volume is what you’re looking for, then Artemes lashes have you covered. The Night Lights Medium Volume lashes are made from layers of upturned Japanese silk, creating a luxe lash attached to a black, cotton thread band which keeps the wearer comfortable for hours and hours. Our testers appreciated how these ultra-black lashes are non-irritating to the eyes, sharing that they “typically dislike wearing lashes this big” but had no qualms when it came to their comfortable wear.

Since this look is packed with volume, it’s customary to expect more lash strands than normal — you’ll just typically want them to stay in place on the band. Our tester did experience a bit of bending of the lashes and some strands falling off when the band was trimmed to fit their eye, but they didn’t think it hindered its overall look and feel. They stated that they would still recommend this style to anyone looking for a full-glam false lash, as this volume is here to do the job, and do it right.

Price at time of publish: $20

Lash type: Japanese silk | Vegan: Yes | Features: Handcrafted cotton blend band, up to 10 wears

People / Joy Kim


Handmade quality

Extremely light


Since lashes are short and very natural-looking, these aren't ideal for full glam

If you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of false lashes, then you may want to start out with a pair of lightweight, natural lashes to ease yourself into this new style. The Doelashes Really Really Lowkey False Lashes are the perfect contender for this role, as their ultrafine Korean silk fiber lashes are soft and airy to the touch, making them feel like nothing when glued to the lashline. The band is also made from a comfortable, lightweight cotton, which keeps the lash resting comfortably on the lid without poking or irritating the inner and outer parts of your eyelids. Our testers could tell that these were high quality thanks to their barely-there feel, and this is largely attributed to their handmade production process.

Due to their easy application, lightweight feel, and versatility, it’s no question that our testers approved of these natural-looking lashes. They also appreciated the eyeliner-like black band and their resiliency — stating that it feels as if they “could wear them for hours and on multiple occasions.” The lashes’ product description online backs this up, stating that they can be worn up to 15 or more times before needing to be disposed of. However, our tester did feel like these may be too natural-looking for someone who wants to add falsies for a bit of glamour. For this reason, we recommend these to the false lash amateurs as a good place to start before graduating to Lilly Lashes’ level of drama.

Price at time of publish: $10.15

Lash type: Ultra-fine Korean synthetic silk fibers | Vegan: Yes | Features: Lightweight cotton band, up to 15 wears

People / Jhett Thompson

Ulta Beauty

Super reusable

Very lightweight

Natural yet elevated look

Half-lash design doesn't cover full lash line resulting in a more natural look, which is not ideal for full glam

No one wants to splurge on an expensive pair of lashes and only get a few uses out of them, which is exactly why the $20 Butterfl’Eyes 3D Faux Mink Half Lashes from Lilly Lashes are worth the investment. This fluttery pair of wispy lashes can be worn up to 20 times (or more, depending on how nicely you take care of them), making each penny spent on these flouncy lashes well worth it. Our testers especially loved how lightweight this pair felt, saying that it “did not feel like there was anything” on top of their natural lashes — making it easier to wear for extended periods throughout the day, or wear multiple times a week.

It’s worth noting that these lashes are designed to be half lashes, meaning that they are only meant to cover the outer corners of your eyes in order to create a more natural look. Our tester was looking for more of a full-banded look, resulting in them wishing for a larger band to reach the inner and outer corners of their lashes instead of blending in halfway. Pro tip: if you want to wear a half-lash but keep the band line looking seamless across the lash line, use a thin layer of eyeliner to connect the inner corners to the start of the lash band to hide any sharp lines created by the exposed band. This one pair is sure to take you through several wears, making your lashes look like Butterfl’Eyes for weeks to come.

Price at time of publish: $20

Lash type: Faux mink | Vegan: Yes | Features: Semi-wispy, flare style, up to 20 wears

People / Jhett Thompson


Super lightweight

Will stay for days

Blends seamlessly with natural lashes

Takes a while to apply due to a more involved application process

If you’re a fan of individual lashes or lash extensions, then you’ll find the most favor with this pick. The Lashify Control Kit contains all of the products you’ll need to create the false lashes of your dreams — from application tools to two different options of lash volume and length to choose from (or to mix and match). The kit also comes with a bonding agent, which is applied to clean eyelashes to glue the individual lashes underneath your natural lashes, which is opposite from the rest of the strip lashes we’ve encountered thus far (which should always be glued above the lash line). This kit is perfect for the DIY beauty lover who prefers to do things their own way instead of buying a product they know they could totally recreate themselves.

Our tester thought these lashes were lightweight and felt very secure, thanks to the bond that fuses your natural lashes and the fake fibers together. Though the glue felt a bit noticeable to our tester at first, they assured us that it was “not at all irritating, itchy, or problematic.” In fact, the under-lash placement made the testers feel more confident in the way they looked on their eyes because it made them “seem like they were growing out of my own lids.” While they did feel that this process took much longer than others because of its very involved application process, they felt that the beautiful results were worth the wait.

Price at time of publish: $145

Lash type: Individual Premium Korean PBT silk fibers | Vegan: Yes | Features: Includes wand applicator, two lashes, dual-sided bond, glass seal, Wandom pair, storage box, pre-cleanse sample, removal sample

People / Jhett Thompson


Low price for high quantity

Natural, wispy look

Comfortable wear

Thin lash band made application a bit harder and may not hold up after many uses

Maybe you’ve misplaced a lash or have worn the same pair for a bit too long, but chances are you’ve had a moment where you realized that you need a new pair of falsies as you’re in the middle of your makeup. Rather than needing to purchase a new pair, you can reach for your multipack of Kiss’s So Wispy Lashes, a five-pack of their signature style that retails at a considerably lower price than most single pairs. With their ultra-thin bands, airy lashes and flirty results, these budget-friendly strips are the way to go for constant lash-wearers.

After testing out these wispy pairs, our testers shared that they loved how lightweight and “barely-there” the Kiss fringe felt on their eyes. While the band’s thinness helped aid in making these lashes look more natural, it did make application a bit harder — which made our tester doubt that they would last for many uses because of its svelte design. You’ll have to carefully maneuver your lash placement to make sure the band holds its shape, but with some practice (thankfully there’s several pairs included), you’ll be able to get salon-approved results at a reasonable price at home.

Price at time of publish: $8.39

Lash type: Synthetic fibers | Vegan: No | Features: Softly curled ends, clear band, lightweight

People / Jhett Thompson


Durable lash band


Complements any eye shape

Not for everyday wear

You’ve seen wispy lashes before, but it’s hard to nail down a great multipack with silky-smooth, luxurious-feeling wispy lashes at a reasonable price. The Eylure Luxe Silk Marquise Multipack does just that, including 3 pairs of voluminous lashes attached to black band that can last for up to ten wears (or more, if cared for correctly). Our testers found that the lashes’ thicker band made it easier to apply and the long band was appreciated, so that they had the option to trim down the band length in order to fit their eye, rather than not having enough.

They described the Eylure pairs as being perfectly weighted — “not too heavy nor too light.” Its thicker lash band made our testers feel like these could hold up for several wears without needing to be thrown out, and then they have spares to move onto once their current pair has served its time. However, these lash-packed strips may not be suitable for your everyday life due to their volume and dark lash band, a design that may be more harmonious with a full-glam makeup look. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear whichever lashes whenever you want — life is your runway, so wear what makes you feel confident at the end of the day.

Price at time of publish: $15.99

Lash type: Synthetic, silk-like fibers | Vegan: Yes | Features: Silky look, wispy, suitable for all eye shapes, up to 10 wears per pair

People / Jhett Thompson

The layers and density of your own natural lashes are significant when choosing a pair of false lashes. If you’re searching for a pair to match a glamorous makeup look for a special occasion, then you may want to go for lashes with higher volume, jet-black strands and tapered edges to create that cat-eye effect. But on the other hand, if you’re a false-lash-everyday type of person, then you may want a pair that’s a bit more sparse, yet durable enough to be reworn multiple times to get the most use out of your lashes.

Most lashes will sit somewhere between 3 millimeters and 16 millimeters in length, like the Loveseen Troi lashes, whose shortest lashes measure in at 3.5, while our Lilly Lashes 3D Faux Mink Lashes have the longest strands, reaching the 16 millimeters mark. Each individual lash should have alternating lengths to make the lashes appear more natural and blended with your own strands, but your level of comfort with lash length will depend on personal preference and facial structure. Some wearers will have lower-set brows, which can make longer lashes hit the base of your eyebrows and create an uncomfortable experience when wearing them. Length is just as subjective as volume, but you’ll want to make sure the lashes fit your eye shape and brow space proportionally before you buy.

There are several styles of lashes, from wispy to cat-eye to spiky — all which fit some eye shapes better than others, or provide artistic effect for more creative makeup looks. While there’s no rulebook as to which styles you have to buy based on your eye shape, there are some recommendations to be made depending on what look you’re going for. For a more doe-eyed, open effect, you’ll want to grab a rounded style that has the most length in the center of the lash than on the ends. For a sultry, fox-eyed look, you’ll want to grab a pair that is shorter in length and volume on the inner and center areas of the band, and then thicker on the outer ends to accentuate the almond-eye look. You can even buy lower-lash falsies to open the eyes even more or balance out the depth on both your top and bottom lids.

People / Jhett Thompson

Our testers arrived fresh-faced, with no makeup on and were instructed to further cleanse their skin upon arrival from any sebum or natural moisture that may have been produced on the commute to our lab. They then selected a pair of lashes that would fit their eye shape and the pre-matched eye glue for that chosen pair. Each lash was then carefully pulled away from its packaging and rested on the lash line to see if any trimming was necessary, and if so, this was tenderly done at the band. Using the glue and after reading each tube’s instructions, the lashes were applied to the lid using a tweezer or lash applicator (or their fingers, if that was most comfortable). The adhesive was then given ten minutes to dry, and the results were then recorded based on ease of application, both the lashes’ and glue’s hold and comfort, wear, weight, and overall look.

After testing 18 different pairs of false lashes in our Lab, Colourpop's Falsies Faux Mink Lashes in the "Bae" style came out on top due to their soft and lightweight feel, approachable price point and being easily reusable. Our testers awarded a 5/5 rating to this pair, noting how these lashes add length without looking too unnatural.

When glue and foreign objects close to the eyes are involved, it’s safe to assume that damage is somewhat of a risk when applying false lashes. However, Buzzetta assures us that if instructions are properly followed, then there should be no issues when it comes to the preservation of your natural lashes. “It’s so important to use quality glue (I like Duo) and remove your lashes properly with soap and warm water to help break down glue to avoid ripping out any lashes,” Buzzetta shares. “I always recommend taking breaks and using a lash serum to help strengthen your lashes."

Buzzetta believes that the longevity of a strip lash depends on the overall makeup of the lash itself. “A really light, natural pair with a clear band should only be used once,” the artist explains. "That doesn’t make it a bad lash, it’s just made to look soft and subtle so they tend to be more delicate. Also, if mascara is applied to a more delicate lash after application, you may not want to reuse it because of product build-up,” she adds. Though thicker, black bands may be reused multiple times if they are removed from the eye with care, you don’t want to overuse them due to a potential buildup of bacteria or makeup, which can later get into the eye.

But that doesn’t mean all lashes are dirty and unusable. “You can use a clean spoolie (mascara wand) to brush through [the] lashes and carefully peel off excess glue and put it back in the original case to store,” she says, in order to elongate the life of your favorite pair.

As Buzzetta explained before, lashes can be worn repeatedly if taken care of properly and if your lashes are completely cleaned before and after use, but remember that everything should be done in moderation. While it’s not harmful to wear eyelashes multiple times a week, the process of having glue on your natural lashes every day can become stressful on the strands, especially if it is not removed carefully and completely each time. Use your own discretion when deciding when to wear lashes — and everything is fine in moderation, so long as you take the proper precautions when applying, removing, and storing your lashes.

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